XchangeRate — Review of ICO  

XchangeRate is a new decentralized platform with its own artificial intelligence or “robot” that will help crypto traders make the right choice for the sale or purchase of a particular coin by collecting information and analyzing them.

About the Platform:

After all, now the cryptocurrency is rapidly developing, and the mechanism of blockchain has been introduced at the state level and it is not yet known how far this business will go, but one thing is clear, cryptocurrency is our future. But, given the volatility of the market, many newcomers are afraid to enter it or make large sums, since there have already been incidents when the currencies grew 2-3 times, after which they fell even more, just as bitcoin reached the mark of 20 thousand dollars.

The AI platform will sort all collected information from the network and analyze the trade of the trader himself, his attitude to purchases and sales and then independently make a decision in the trade in crypto-currencies. The goal of the platform creators is to provide all the necessary materials, data characteristics and forecasts for the direction of the price (growth or fall) so that users can withdraw the maximum benefit from the cryptocurrency.

The Robot Will Include 4 Compositions:

  • the market itself or the platform, with all the tables, data, and graphs;
  • the robot, for the automation of trading and data analysis;
  • coin monitoring board – coin price analysis with convenient sorting on behalf of the trader;
  • MVP is again one of the parts of the platform automation.

For a more detailed acquaintance with these components, you can read the information document.

Tokens Platforms:

A total of 250 million tokens are produced, of which 235 will be available for sale. The name of the token is XRR (marketing in the sense of XRP). The platform will have a subscription fee, as well as for tokens, you will be able to buy trading strategies. The platform has already chosen partners for cooperation, such as Binance, KuCoin, EtherDelta, Yobit, Huobi, and OkEx. For 1 ether you can buy 10,000 tokens. The project’s hard cap is 16 thousand ethers and 1.6 thousand bitcoins. The minimum investment in the project is 0.1 air or 0.01 bitcoin.


On account of the distribution of tokens, the following can be said: 200 million tokens will be available for purchase during ICO, 32 million is allocated as a bonus for purchases, 3 million is allocated for Bounty and AirDrop. The remaining 6% or 15 million are allocated to the founders and the project team. These tokens will be frozen for 9 months.


About of the distribution of collected funds, we can say the following: 47.5% is allocated for the development of the platform itself, 14.3% for research in improving products, 9.5% for partnerships with different exchanges, 9.5% for project marketing, 8.6% to interested parties in the project, 4.8% for operating costs, 4.8% for reserve and security, and 1% for legal costs.


At the expense of the project development plan, we can say the following: in Q1 2017 the idea of this project was formed and in the second quarter the development of a window for monitoring coins began. In the third quarter was the release of the first, and then the second version of the monitoring window. In the 4th quarter automation of the robot’s operation with relative price, leverage ratio, and fitness index.

In the 1-2 quarter of 2018, pre-sale and sale of tokens, as well as their release. In the 3rd quarter – 3 release windows monitoring coins. In the 4th quarter of 2018, the deployment platform for participants with the original elements.

In the second quarter of 2019 the launch of a universal version of the platform with a large set of functions. In Q4 2019, the hybrid exchange will be launched.

In conclusion, I want to say that this project is really interesting. Thanks to him you can earn even with such a strong market volatility and this will undoubtedly attract a lot of investors. For more detailed information about the project, read the information document.




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