WorldEX — Review of ICO

WorldEX is a new generation exchange with complete democratization and development of a new standard of crypto trade with its own portal of knowledge.
Now quite a lot of different platforms for trading or in other words exchanges. And, although the market is crypto-relative to the stock market quite small, the stock exchanges already have some difficulties, which WorldEX will decide. In addition to creating a stock exchange, the team has another goal – to create an open source of various data (code library, order book, tracking of calculations, scripts for functionality and more). Thus, they will create a rather simple to use, but at the same time modern platform for trading.


The knowledge portal will provide many opportunities to share their experiences and ideas. Platform users will have the following features:

  • do streams when trading;
  • participation in social trading;
  • to analyze the latest incidents;
  • disclose successful investment strategies;
  • to have access to the opinion of experts and the best traders of the crypto world.

The mission of the team is to create an easy-to-use platform with the most convenient functionality for trading different crypts and getting knowledge in this area. At what trading on the platform will be quite cheap since the transaction tax will not exceed 0.15%, which is especially convenient for payments or transactions with small sums.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

The platform tokens will be used to pay the transaction tax and use the platform functionality. A total of 100 million WDX tokens are produced. The currency of the platform can be bought for air. 1 platform token costs 65 cents.


On the distribution account, we can say the following: 10% was allocated to early investors, 50% to sales during the ICO, 40% to the development team.
On account of the distribution of collected funds, we can say the following: 50% is allocated for branding and marketing of the platform, as well as training on the platform and innovations with a blockchain.

Until 05.04.2018 on the platform, the bonus when buying tokens was 10%. The end of sales of tokens is scheduled for May 30, 2018. The distribution of tokens will occur 5 working days after the end of the sales of the tokens.


At the expense of the platform development plan, we can say the following: 1.10.2017 the development of the WorldEX project began. In November 2017, an information document was prepared and the search for the first major investors began. January 5, 2018, was announced the plan for the ICO, and an information document was presented to the general public. On March 18, the ICO started and the beta version of the platform soon appeared. May 30, or the sale of all tokens will be completed by ICO and soon the platform will be launched.

The platform will attract new users in different ways. The money collected during the sale of the tokens will go to the listing on known platforms. The first five years on the platform will be a discount on transactions if payment is made in platform tokens. Discounts will have the following percentages: 1 year – 50%, 2 year – 30%, 3 year – 15%, 4 year – 10%, 5 year – 7%.

Also, to increase the value of tokens, the platform will use 25% of revenue to buy out its tokens and destroy them until they burn half the tokens. As a result, only 50 million tokens will be left.

In conclusion, I want to say that the project is quite promising, especially its data bank for training its users and a low rate when making transactions. I think the same characteristics will attract many other traders, which will be followed by the growth and development of the platform. For a more detailed introduction to the platform, you can read Whitepaper. Good luck!



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