Vivid  — Review of ICO

Vivid is a new platform for qualitative assessment, management and understanding of its investment crypt portfolios.

The purpose of the platform is to improve the capabilities and quality of work for both experienced traders and beginners with the help of a rich platform functionality and joint development of trading strategies.

About the Platform:

In addition, the platform takes into account the problems of the mobile environment to monitor the state of its crypt portfolios. There have already been cases when applications closed access for their users due to network overload, which caused the risk of losing their funds due to ignorance of the situation on the market and the inability to recognize it. Vivid immediately makes calculations in such a way that the platform would work without interruptions and each participant could use its functionality qualitatively.

Also on the platform will be the ability to use, in addition to the basic functionality, all of its professional capabilities, namely extended indicators, exclusive content from successful traders, ad-free reality-added functions, annotations to charts and more. Also, the platform will be rewarded with custom content. Experts will be able to leave their articles and comments about different points and get for it platform tokens.

The platform will also cooperate with new ICO campaigns, with existing crypto-currencies and everything related to the cryptocurrency, providing them with the opportunity to place advertisements for the target audience, which will be interested in these projects and crypto-currencies. Also on the platform will be the ability to purchase rights to future applications that are developed on the platform to expand its functionality and more convenient use.

Concerning the use of augmented reality, users will be able to view graphics and objects naturally using their phone or, if they have, use glasses and helmets of augmented reality to completely connect themselves to their investment portfolios and platform.

Tokens and their Sale:

A total of 140 million VIVID tokens are planned. Tokens will be used to access advanced platform functionality, to promote their advertising and as a reward for quality content. Before the collection of 450 Ethers, the price of tokens is 12,000 tokens per ether, 11,000 tokens can be purchased before collection of 800 aether for 1 ether, up to 3,000 ethers per 1 ether 10,5 thousand tokens, and 10 thousand tokens per 1 ether. The project’s hard cap is 9950 Ethers.


On account of the distribution of tokens: 76.2% will be sold during the ICO, 14.6% is allocated to the team and founders, 2.9% is allocated to partners, 2.9% is for subsequent platform development, 1.7% for consultants, 1% for bounty and 0.7% for contests.

On account of the distribution of collected funds, we can say the following: 55% will go on to further product development, 30% to marketing and PR platform, 5% to security and regulatory compliance, 5% to legal costs, 5% to general and administrative expenses.


The founder’s platform was created in 2014 and in 2015 emphasis was placed on developing a virtual reality system for the most convenient viewing of all schedules and products. In the 1st quarter of 2017, the interaction was developed for the members of the platform with the help of augmented reality. In the second quarter, the idea of a new platform with solutions for the crypto world was born. In the 1st quarter of 2018, private sales began.

In March 2018, they launched public sales. In the second quarter of 2018, a mobile beta version of the platform will be developed for its investors, as well as the development and implementation of a beta version of augmented reality. In the same quarter, there will be a beta version of the application and on the PC. In Q1 2019, a beta version of the section for content creators will be created and open access for developers who want to collaborate with the platform. Also in this quarter, the 3D version of the application will be launched for easy viewing of its graphs and diagrams of the platform.

In conclusion, I want to say that similar platforms will develop with the development of the crypto world. Providing constant access from mobile devices is the right direction for development, which many will appreciate and love. Adding augmented reality is also a novelty in this area that many will want to use. That’s why the project can be called promising and expect good growth and earnings from it.




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