Vestarin — Review of ICO

Vestarin is a platform that is designed to streamline the multibillion-dollar industry of crypto-currencies and to connect all the pieces of its services puzzles into a single picture.

For a couple of previous years, the Cryptocurrency market has grown significantly and attracted millions of people and billions of dollars. Most businessmen undoubtedly recognize the fact that the future for a new type of currencies is crypto-currencies. But, even given the heightened public interest, multi-billion dollar turnovers and a bright future, we still can not use their functionality with maximum speed and convenience.


At the same time, the Vestarin platform offers solutions to all the problems that now exist in this area. Using the platform, you can do the following:

  • to acquire services or goods anywhere in the world for crypto-currencies, because now the cryptocurrency has no such practical application and very few sellers provide payment services for cryptocurrency;
  • you can find a team, advisors, like-minded people and investors in your startup, using the Vestarin platform, and everyone can be useful in their field;
    you can discuss any crypto topic on this platform because it creates its community from the beginning of its work;
  • thanks to the platform news section, which will be composed of both editors and active users, you can get acquainted with the articles on the latest inventions and innovations of the crypto world;
  • on the platform there will be an appraiser of ICO projects, even a whole team of appraisers who will miss the idea through all sorts of research and only after that let the ICO launch on the platform, thereby minimizing the risks of investors;
  • you can change crypto-currencies among themselves or buy a platform cryptocurrency for instant payment of actions in any sphere;
  • and also one of the main advantages of the platform is that it is multilanguage and will have at least 15 languages.

Tokens and their Sale:

The team conducted the Pre-ICO and conducted it very successfully. At the same time, the collected funds were immediately invested in the development of the platform, or more precisely 60% for the development of the platform and staff increase, 35% for marketing and the remaining 5% for advisers and project managers.

For 1 ether, you could buy 3000 tokens, and during the main sales – for 1 ether – 2000 tokens. In total, 47.2 million tokens will be sold and the project’s hard cp is 35,000. At the same time, for every following several thousand tokens the price will increase.

Distribution of Funds Collected on ICO:


On the account of the distribution of funds that will be collected during the time of the main sales, we can say the following:

  • 45% is allocated to the mobile platform and everything connected with it;
  • 20% is allocated for marketing and attraction of new participants;
  • 15% – to interact with new partners who will provide their services to the platform users. (sellers of goods and services for crypto money);
    12% of operating expenses;
  • 5% of legal costs;
  • and the remaining 3% as a bonus to creators from developers.


On the roadmap, the following can be said: in October 2017 a concept and technical documentation were developed, in December a model of the platform design was ready. In January 2018 – a demo version of the platform and launched by ICO, and in April 2018 the event of generating tokens will be completed and full-scale development of the platform will begin. Next will be the alpha testing platform, the output of tokens on various exchanges and the launch on the platform of such sections as “information” and “specialists”. In the summer there will be beta testing and continue marketing of the platform. In August, the sections “For business” and “ICO” will be added to the platform and new partners will be added. Until the end of 2018, the platform will have more than 500 stores and services, the possibility of Online / Offline purchases.

In early 2019 – more than 2000 stores and services and more than 1 million users. In March-April – the opening of offices in Spain, the United States, Japan, Korea and China. In May – 10 million users and more than 8,000 stores and services and the subsequent development.

In conclusion, with confidence, I can say that the platform has a bright future. The systematization of various processes related to the cryptocurrency in particular and its various sections, such as buying goods for crypto-currencies, ICO and others, will be able to attract quite a few people to the platform. The convenience of using this type of platform is undeniable and that is why the price increase of its tokens can be predicted now. So, we invest in the project and look forward to its launch!




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