Verasity — Review of ICO  

Verasity is a new, decentralized platform on which each of us can share their videos and get paid for it.

About the Platform:

With the help of blockchain technology, we can avoid intermediaries that exist in such large networks as Youtube and get all the revenue themselves. In addition, that the creators of video content will receive revenue, the platform will be beneficial to other users of the platform.

The main advantages of the platform for viewers:

  • viewing good video content, with the selection of what they really want to watch given the previous views;
  • Receiving awards in platform tokens for viewing platform content.

Advertisers who display their ads will reward users of the platform for viewing it;

  • receiving tokens for assistance in supporting the channel through the VeraSparks function.

Pluses of the platform for content creators:

  • easy creation of the channel and downloading video + the function of creating streams of the highest quality;
  • a lot of opportunities to monetize your content + instant payments through transactions with blockchain technology;
  • there is an opportunity to connect your “sponsors” through VeraSparks, for whose support you promise them a part of your future income.

Pros of the platform for advertisers and sponsors:

  • All views on the platform are real and are confirmed with the help of technology blockchain, which is beneficial for advertisers and sponsors;
  • The platform allows advertisers to place advertising videos and pay users clearly for their viewing;
  • the platform allows you to establish close cooperation with creators of high-quality content for mutual benefit.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

In total, almost 12.5 billion tokens are produced. Sales are available 6.25 billion tokens or half of the total release. Public sales will begin on May 21 and will last until July 11. In this case, 1 token costs less than 1 cents. The soft cap of the project is reached at the sale of 400 million tokens, hard cap – at the sale of all tokens. The minimum investment in the project is equal to the purchase of 10,000 tokens. The price of tokens will grow by 1% every day.

On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 50% will be available for purchases for investors, 20% for the founders and the team of the project, 19% for the platform reserve, 7.5% for the advisers, 2.5% for the referral program and 1 percent for the stabilization fund.


On account of the distribution of collected funds, the following can be said: 20% will go to the research and development of the project, 20% to licensing technologies, 18% to the platform, 20% to contracts and salaries, 17% to platform marketing, 2.5% to legal and administrative expenses, 1.5% for business development and 1% for contingencies.


At the expense of the project development plan, we can say the following: in the third quarter of 2017, the development of the product itself and the capabilities of the technology blockchain on the platform began. In the 4th quarter – testing of the video player with partners, the addition of the development team and the creation of an information document.

In Q1 2018 – implemented PoC for the player platform. Creation of a site for sales of tokens. In the second quarter – the beginning of the creation of the blockchain platform, the creation of the main platform functionality, the release of PoC for VeraWallet and the platform website. In Q3 there will be testing of its own blockchain platform, + release of the platform with the initial set of functions. Adding monetization with Also, this quarter will be the expansion of the team of project engineers. In Q4 there will be beta versions of many platforms offers – apps for desktop OS, blockchain-enabled VeraWallet, VeraPlayer, VeraPay, and a full version of the blockchain platform.

In 2019, all the above-mentioned platform applications will be launched with full functionality + launch of the marketplace of video channels. In 2020, more than 15 million platform users and wallets owners of the platform are expected + launch of the full version of the marketplace of video channels.

In conclusion, I want to say that the development of the video industry is really at its peak and investments in this sphere should be profitable. Due to the fact that the platform removes middlemen who take away most of the profit of content creators, it will be attractive for many video creators. So, the platform is successful. For more detailed acquaintance with the platform, you can get acquainted with information documents. Good luck!




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