ThinkCoin  — Review of ICO

ThinkCoin is a trading platform based on blockchain technology that will allow investors to trade a huge number of financial products, such as crypto-currencies, stocks, commodities and others.

The Exchange of the TradeConnect platform will be able to make changes to the markets dominated by banks, VIP brokers and large corporations, creating a decentralized exchange for the trading of any products.

At the moment, online brokers and other intermediaries earn a lot due to intermediation, but thanks to the technology of blockchain it is possible to solve this and the following problems:

  • excessive payments that traders pay to different intermediaries;
  • unfair influence on prices and conclusion of transactions by various brokers;
  • global trade remained at the level of development at the beginning of the twenty-first century;
  • The current quality of transactions adds an unnecessary element of risk to traders.

The company that creates the platform has been on the market for decades and thanks to this knowledge in what way it is possible to solve all the existing problems. Thanks to innovations in the development of science and technology, the team offers the following solutions:

  • to reduce traders on the same trading floor, where there will be no intermediaries, due to which there will be only one paid commission – a single collection platform;
  • its AI platform, so that the platform will quickly and flexible work;
  • P2P trading, which will equalize the rights of all market players and withdraw intermediaries from it;
  • absolute transparency of all actions and high security on the platform, again thanks to the technology of blockchain.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

In total, the company generates 500 million tokens, 60% of which will be available for purchases during the ICO. The price of the token is 30 cents and its divisibility is equal to 18 parts. At the moment, the second stage of pre-sale will last with a 22% bonus and will last until May 14. From May 15 to May 25 there will be a stage of major sales.

Minimum fees, in which the platform can start its activities is $ 5 million. The maximum required for a quick and complete launch of the platform is $ 30 million. Accepted currencies for the purchase of platform tokens are BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and the currency of the currency.


On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 60% will be sold during the ICO, 24% is allocated to hold in the platform reserve, 15% is allocated to the team and 1% to the bounty campaign.

On account of the distribution of collected funds: 45% for marketing and adding new users to the platform, 30% for the development of the platform itself, 12% for operating platform activity, 10% for licenses and changes and 3% for legal costs, audit and platform administration.


At the expense of the platform development plan, we can say the following: in April 2018, the ThinkCoin wallet will be connected to the TradeConnect platform to hold TCO tokens. In June, platform tokens will be listed on different exchanges. In July 2018 – beta version of the platform for connecting the first customers. In August 2018, on the TradeConnect platform, you can trade in cryptocurrency. In October 2018, it will be possible to trade in the currency as well.

In November, Thinkmarket will be connected to the trading platform and the integration of its users will begin. In December 2018, a license for the exchange platform will be obtained in the United States. In January 2019, the platform will launch all the originally conceived functionality. In March 2019, the platform will be fully operational in Japan, Europe and Australia. In July 2019, the platform will begin the first sale of shares.

In conclusion, I want to say that the project is promising and its development will give us many advantages. Trade in such a large number of different goods will attract many investors and allow them to level their rights with large companies and corporations. In order to learn more information about the platform, please see Whitepaper.





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