The Abyss – Review of ICO

The Abyss is the company which is engaged in the development of the game sphere. Free-2-Play, MMO games, crypto games will be the main games on the platform.

Why founders decided to create it a child, the game world is quite saturated now and has a set of games. In case of what it is possible to play on anything: on prefixes, computers, phones, pads and even on hours. Besides, in the 21st century, the game world added or even the virtual reality actively develops. The whole game rooms or just game helmets are for this purpose created.


Considering such variety of games and their such advancement, so and complexity, it would be possible to think that it is the heaviest to create a quality product which will interest users. But is not present, such thought will be erratic. Though this task is also difficult, the biggest complexity – to enclose interest in the game in the heads of masses. Considering the variety of games and their quantity your product canon is simple just get lost among others, can even, absolutely mediocre products of the game sphere.

But the saddest it is that having even paid the huge amount on marketing (according to some information 2/3 from the cost of a game leaves on its advertising) you cannot be sure that this advertising will be effective. Moreover, considering the world of the Internet and advertising, the majority of advertising goes without suitable context and it it is simply not to reach potential clients.

The Abyss platform will make a revolution in this sphere, players will advertise a product of the company. How can it be reached? Everything is extremely simple, on the platform there will be referral programs. Users will be able to receive platform tokens for achievements in a game and for purchases of their friends whom they brought on the platform. Besides on the platform, there will be such pluses as automatic payments on crypto purses, an internal CPA network and a set of other services.

Tokens of The Abyss platform:

Into the account of tokens of the platform, it is possible to tell the following: all operations on the platform, completely all (an involvement in auctions, on an internal network, in referral and motivational programs) is possible only by means of platform tokens. Also, the developers who entered on the platform will earn reward in tokens. Tokenseyl will last from March 7 to April 7, 2018. The cost of one token is equal to 24 cents. Softkap of the project = 6 million dollars. Hardkap = 40 million dollars. The maximum of the sold tokens is equal to 603.75 million. Participants not from the USA can pay by means of BNB of tokens. It is also possible to receive some bonuses:

  • 25% in the first 2 days of sales;
  • 15% in 3-7 days;
  • 10% in 8-14 days;
  • 5% in 15-21 days.


Into the account of the distribution of tokens: 60 percent will be sold out during a token sele. 21 percent are selected for the company and advisers (these tokens will freeze for a year). 18 percent are selected as a reserve (freezing for half of the year). And 1% is selected for the bounty the program.

Concerning the use of collected funds:

  • 40 percent will select for marketing;
  • 20 percent will select for infrastructure and the software;
  • on 15% for development and distribution of games and on the development of the platform;
  • and on 5% for a reserve and legal expenses.


The company was created in the 3rd quarter 2008 (Destiny.Games). In the 3rd quarter 2016, the idea of the creation of the new game portal was originated. In 2-4 quarter possibilities of the platform with use of blockchain technology were tested and represented.

In 1 quarter 2018 will begin токенсэйл. Waugh second quarter will begin development of the platform and the presentation reached for game developers. Waugh-second will finish half-year 2018 preparation of the platform for start taking into account legal and financial issues and at the beginning of 2019 the first version of the platform will be created and launched. The Waugh-second and third quarters 2019 the platform will be developed further and in 2020 will expand its functionality to a necessary maximum. In 2021 the crowdfunding site on the platform for start of different game projects will be connected.

In conclusion, I want to tell that the system of marketing on the platform is really progressive thanks to what the platform is expected by success. The connection of cryptocurrency to games is perspective too because the cryptocurrency now everywhere and is a possibility that it will become the main world currency. So, put on the platform with us, you bring referrals and earn money having a rest.





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