Strykz — Review of ICO

STRYKZ (FOOTBALL-STARS) is a decentralized gaming platform for real football fans who are very interested in learning more about favorite or major football players and designing situations in which their favorite players play in the same team against any other team they compose.

About the Platform:

They will also be able to try to solve situations or tasks from European or other football leagues. This platform as a project is supported by the Bundesliga and has German sports magazines for football in partners. Users of the platform will be able to create their own content that will be of interest to other users, for which the creators will be rewarded with platform tokens. They can also create their own tasks, for the solution of which other users can receive tokens or pay them for the results of solving problems. Given the huge number of football fans around the world, you can predict an increased interest in this type of platform.

Economy Tokens:

The main characteristics of the platform:

  • the platform has an active user base and one of its founders is the famous person – Luis Figo;
  • the platform has strong partners, one of them is the large German football platform “Kicker”;
  • the platform will be translated into many languages and can quickly adapt to any market (not the least role in this is the crypt) so that the platform will have good scalability;
  • with the help of tokenization, the platform will be really oriented towards its users.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

Tokens will be used for many purposes. They will serve as a reward for users for creating content, providing community-related services, for providing their own user experience and knowledge, and for paying for transactions on the platform. For 1 ether, you can purchase 10,000 platform tokens. For payment, both ethers and bitcoins are accepted. In total, 1 billion 112.5 million tokens are issued. The sale of tokens began on June 29, the end is scheduled for July 29. At the same time, the minimum required for launching the platform is 8900 aether, and the maximum for a quick launch of the platform is 44.5 thousand ethers.


The distribution of tokens can be said as follows: 40% is allocated to sales to the community, 20% is allocated as a platform reserve, 15% is allocated to founders, a team and shareholders, 15% is allocated to platform operating costs and 10% is allocated to community platform strengthening programs.
About the distribution of collected funds: 30% is allocated for the technical development of the platform, 25% for marketing costs to attract new users. 15% is allocated for expenses after the launch of the platform, 15% for platform partners, 10% for contingencies and 5% for administrative costs of the platform.


At the expense of the plan for the development of the platform, we can say the following: the platform will have its own purse, and the platform tokens will appear in the listing immediately after the end of the sale of the tokens. Also in the second quarter will be opened VIP Club platform and there will be a special offer for the World Cup and tasks during it. In the 3-4 the quarter of 2018, the platform will have a chat and the possibility of competition between users, and also will be launched in Asia. In the 1-2 quarter of 2019, the second language of the platform will be launched to enter the new market + many new tasks will be generated and opportunities for winning the jackpot. Next, it is planned to add new functions to the platform, to provide users with creating their own content and so on.

In conclusion, I want to say that this platform is an interesting idea supported by many publishing houses in football and the Bundesliga. I think, given the coverage of football fans around the world, the platform will quickly develop and scale its activities. For more detailed information, refer to the information documents.





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