SMARTRealty — Review of ICO

SMARTRealty is a platform that is focused on the implementation and continuous use of smart contracts and blockchain technology in real estate transactions.

Due to this, all transactions will be more secure and transparent, which in turn will lead to many positive effects in this environment.

The founders of the project saw the need for its creation, as real estate transactions are a rather complex issue, contracts and contracts in which are often not fully understood, which causes many problems. Due to the fact that rent of private property and all operations with the leased property are not regulated by legislation at a sufficient level, landlords often have problems both with receiving payments in terms of tenants, as well as with the need to repair the home and unwillingness to make it by the lessee. Because of this, their home can lose value and the process of renting them gives them more difficulties than benefits.


All these problems are planned to be solved through the implementation of smart contracts and the blockchain mechanism on the real estate market. When adding typical smart contracts with the ability to make the necessary changes, the process of concluding a deal will become much easier than they are now. Thanks to the crypto-currencies and the monitored aggregate of all transactions, it is easy to prove the fulfilment or absence of a transaction within a specified time. Thus, there will be no need to conduct litigation and everything will be regulated by law, charging fines for the delay and making completely transparent payments.

The purpose of the SMARTRealty platform is to enable the conclusion and execution of real estate transactions through smart platform contracts. Smart contracts and the mechanism of the blockchain system automate systems of buying/selling, renting or other transactions related to the property will make them more simple and transparent.
By approximate calculations, it can be said that the cost of the global real estate market is at least $ 180 trillion, and 72% are privately owned. A quarter of these 72 percent or 18 percent of the total amount is leased, that is, in the rental of real estate worth 32.4 trillion dollars. At what the rental of real estate began to gain increasing popularity and regulation of this issue also requires improvements. Given the demand for real estate, we can say that at least one member from any US family has been involved in at least one real estate transaction.

Now there is the problem that contracts concluded between two people – a tenant and a landlord – are often not fully legal and include many incomprehensible moments. Even when drafting these contracts with the help of lawyers, there are still some issues that need to be addressed. SMARTRealty wants to radically change this and with the help of its clever contracts simplify the processes that occur in this area and make them understandable for each participant in the relationship.

Tokens Companies and their Sale:

The pre-sale period has already been completed and at the moment there are public sales of tokens, which will end on May 15. Tokens will be used to make transactions on the platform, conclude contracts and use other functions of the platform. A total of 500 million tokens are generated. At the same time, 200 million tokens are available for sale.


With regard to their distribution, the following can be said: 20 percent for pre-sales, 20 percent for public sales, 10 percent for platform development, management and advisors, 10 percent for platform economics, 10 percent for marketing and platform promotion, 10 percent for reserve, 5 percent percent for project administrators, 5 percent for contract development, 5 percent for legal costs, 4 percent for bounty and various platform bonuses, and 1 percent for charity.


In 2017, the concept of the platform appeared, some studies were carried out and planning began for the launch of pre-sales and platforms. In January 2018, pre-sales began. In February (15 numbers) – public sales, which will last for 90 days. In May, ICO will end. In June, the platform contracts will be tested and deployed. In May-June, the platform tokens will be listed on the stock exchanges. In August 2018 beta testing of the platform for rent will begin. In September, partnerships with other networks and rental sites will begin. In December, the platform will appear beta testing of sales of private property.

In January 2019, the platform will begin to enter into partnership agreements with other networks and sites related to the sale of private property. In April, the main marketing campaign for the platform will begin. In June 2019, the full launch of the platform is expected, including all of its functionality.

In conclusion, I want to say that the world is rapidly moving along the path of development, automation and use of digital data. Simplification and transparency in the issues of buying/selling dwellings, as well as their rent, is a good and profitable direction, because of which the project has all the prospects to become successful. We still have to wait for its full launch and follow the news about the project. If necessary, you can get acquainted with the platform information document for a better understanding of all its advantages.




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