SKYFchain — Review of ICO

SKYFchain is the world’s first robotic platform designed to provide B2R (business to robots) logistics services via air, land and sea drones, which will significantly reduce the cost of shipping.

About the Platform:

This topic is new and attempts to create something similar were only in the case of small start-ups, which did not go far because of various problems in the legislation and the lack of regulation of this sphere in general. But having investigated the market and its possibilities, SKYFchain decided to develop this area to improve in the field of logistics services and create profit for the platform and investors. Also on the platform, it is planned to fully automate various processes to increase their speed and improve reliability.

The company is registered in Estonia, as this country has the most convenient conditions for the development of all innovations related to the technology of blockchain. All technologies are registered and patented, and the project is handled by a team of experienced engineers, as well as business leaders who managed to attract the maximum amount of fees determined for the time of pre-sale in just 5 days and have many years of experience in this field.

Token holders will benefit from platform activity, as part of the revenue from transactions will go to investors. The platform drones will be able to fly hundreds of kilometres without refuelling and the payload of one drone is more than 400 kg, so they will be used more profitable than at the moment helicopters or cars are used for short (up to 200 km) transportation.

Tokens Companies and their Sale:

Platform tokens will be used to pay for services provided by SkYFchain. In total, 1.2 billion tokens are produced. The price of the tokens will change during the time they are sold relative to the ICO stage (there will be various bonuses up to 30%) . The minimum purchase or investment is 3,000 tokens of the company. The final price of one token is 6.5 cents. Hard cap of the project is 30 million dollars. You can buy tokens for broadcasts or bitcoins. 528 million tokens will be sold during the ICO.


On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 44% is allocated for sales during pre-sales and main sales, 15% is allocated for network development and support for nodes or nodes in blockchain operations during the first three years. 10% is allocated to stimulate the growth of partner networks and the developer community. 9.5% is allocated to the reserve, which will be frozen for 1 year, 1.5% is allocated for the bounty campaign and 20% is allocated to the project team.

With regard to the use of project funds, the following can be said: 45% are allocated for research and development of the platform, 25% for marketing and administration of the platform, 24% for operations, development of business strategies and partnerships, 6% for legal and administrative expenses for the development and operation of the platform .


At the expense of the birth and development of the project, we can say the following: from 2014 to 2017, $ 5 million was collected for the development and design of drones, successful aerodynamic tests and fully automatic flights in the 4th quarter of 2017.

In 2018, the development of a private network of the blockchain, the development of drones, the creation of a legal international structure for work around the world, and the search for its partners in various regions of the world began.

In 2019, the development and distribution of its blockchain among the platform participants, as well as the launch of the project franchise and licensing of third-party drones (drones) by 2020.

In 2020, further expansion of the platform’s activities and increase in sales of drones + launch of information and educational programs for producers of drones of different types.

In 2021-2022 connection of third-party unmanned aerial vehicles to the SKYFchain network + lobbying their interests at round tables and in industry associations at the international level.

In 2023-2025 – the inclusion in the SKYFchain system of ground and sea unmanned robots.

In conclusion, we can say that this project is the beginning of a new era of logistics services. Given that many successful experiments have already been carried out and now the fund is being collected for a large-scale launch of the project, I am sure that it will (and indeed, given the speed of raising funds for the pre-sale period) is of interest to very many businesses that are interested in more practical logistics costs . For a more detailed introduction to the platform, you can familiarize yourself with the information document (Whitepaper). Good luck!




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