SgamePro — Review of ICO

SgamePro is a new platform on which all the best mobile games will be collected, for spending time in which players can get platform tokens.

About the Platform:

On the platform, you can compete even in games that belong to the category “single player”, but have any parameters. A competitive interest has always attracted users. In addition, the platform will also receive the best games from the game, so that their creators will be able to increase the flow of users and quickly raise their income for additional features that are usually paid for in cool games.

The platform is being developed since 2016, and in 2017 its alpha version was created, which without more than 50,000 users. Now the platform interacts with various bloggers and media personalities to advertise their product.

The main features of this platform:

  • the platform will combine the best mobile games from the best publishers;
  • on the platform competitive modes will be available for any kind of games, even for those that are singular;
  • on the platform it will be possible to run streams and receive for this donation, which is especially convenient for professional players;
  • you will receive platform tokens, for spending time in games;
  • for platform tokens you can purchase various products on the platform, including from the real, physical world;
  • on the platform will be “endless” referral programs.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

Platform tokens can be used to purchase physical and Internet products, as well as to use platform functionality. A total of 350 million platform tokens are produced. The beginning of the main sales will be in July 2018. You can buy platform tokens over the airs, and for the purchase, you need to undergo the procedure “know your customer”.


The distribution of tokens can be stated as follows: 55% is allocated to sales to the community, 24% to the platform reserve, 15% is allocated for the future development of the platform and community, 4% is allocated to founders, a team and advisers, 2% is allocated to bounty and airdrops.

On the distribution of collected funds, the following can be said: 42% is allocated to the marketing of this platform, 29% is allocated for development and research, 20% is allocated for operating expenses and 9% is allocated for expenses related to ICO.


Concerning the project development plan and its history, we can say the following: in November 2016 work began on the project itself, and in April 2017, work was begun on the development of the platform, and in October 2017 the alpha version of the platform was launched. In January 2018, the first inmate’s partnerships with game manufacturers and their distributors.

In March, pre-sales of platform tokens took place. In April, the integration of the blockchain platform. In the second quarter of 2018 – the main sale of tokens and the launch of version 1.0. In July – the conclusion of more partnerships with game manufacturers. In November, the launch of the second version of the platform and the launch of a marketing campaign in the US and Europe. In March 2019, it is planned to attract about one million users to the platform. In May – the beginning of the marketing campaign in Asia. In September 2019 – the goal is 3 million users on the platform.

In conclusion, I want to say that the platform will open a world of interesting mobile games for a very large number of users. Particularly pleasing is the opportunity to easily obtain a cryptocurrency and a lot of referral programs. And in general, the game industry, as well as the crypto industry, are developing quite well, which ensures the success of this project. For more detailed information, please refer to the information document.




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