Seal — Review of ICO

Seal is an application that will help to verify the authenticity of a product in which there is support for the Seal chip.
After all, each brand has its own story and its creator, who can be called an unsung hero of the brand, as no one knows about most of these creators. Seal also wants to protect information about creators and brands and make the connection between people and brands already, to avoid fakes and maintain the original.

Seal’s solution:

Chip Seal will be built into branded things to confirm their authenticity. In addition, thanks to the mechanism of blockchain and tokenization of all moments, the product and its owner will have new functions. You can transfer ownership of the product, prevent theft, since after verification it will be known who owns the product, and product insurance will also be available.

Thus, the trust between consumers and brands will return, as the product will not be forged anymore.

What is now to protect brands – it’s QR-codes, RFID, holograms – all this can be faked. The decision of Seal Networks – chips with a blockchain – is not fake.

Thanks to them, it is easy to assign any product to one chip use, in which all the necessary information about the product will be stored.

Tokens Companies and their Sale:

Tokens platform will be used to pay for services to consumers and brands. There will be a lot of services on the platform: verification of authenticity, registration of goods, transfer of goods to anyone, prevention of thefts and so on. The maximum that can be generated on the platform is 1.2 billion tokens. Available for sale, in turn, will be 492 million tokens.

The minimum investment during the pre-sale is 1 Ether, while you receive 10% bonus. When buying from 60 aether – 15% bonus, from 300 aether – 20% bonus. The price of the token is 8 cents. During the pre-sale period, 384 million tokens are available. During the main sales, the minimum investment is 0.1 Ether. To buy will be available 108 million tokens.


41% is allocated for sales during the ICO, 13isre allocated to the team and advisors, 7% are allocated to influence on the platform, 22% for the future operations, and 17% for future development and research.
On account of the distribution of collected funds, we can say the following: 6% is allocated for the launch of the project itself, 17% for marketing, 28 for the development of the project as a business, 18% for operating activities, 23% for engineering and 8% for legal costs.


Before the launch of pre-sales, the Seal application was developed, which could do an authentication. Also, a basic functionality for branded companies was created. In the first quarter of 2018, the sale of tokens began. In Q3 2018, the product will be launched with the first partners. In the 4th quarter, the subsequent development of the product. In the first quarter of 2019 will add special opportunities for sellers. In the third quarter, the platform will be able to watch analytics. In the 1st quarter of 2020, its own blockchain of flats will be created and tokens will be transferred from the blockchain of the Ethereum to its own blockade. In 2021, the platform will continue to improve along with partners.

In conclusion, I want to say that the platform is quite an interesting project and this product will appeal to the majority of large companies who benefit from having such a chip, thanks to which it is possible to check whether a brand name is a thing. And lovers of fashion or special brands are sure to like it. Therefore, the platform definitely has a future. You can get acquainted with Whitepaper for a more detailed study of all the information on the platform.




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