Savedroid – Review of ICO

Savedroid is a German project aimed at creating an artificial intelligence that will manage crypto-currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple and others with German accuracy to provide profit to platform investors.

Now more and more people are entering the crypto industry and few really understand it. Given this, the company decided to create its own platform, which will work with cryptocurrency using artificial intelligence.

Noteworthy in this project is that this is the first German project, which is aimed at cryptocurrency and which is done absolutely legally, with obtaining all state permits that are necessary for the fair operation of the platform. That is, your money is secured with a guarantee of state immunity.

How will work?

At the expense of AI (artificial intelligence) platform, it will work without any barriers to adaptation. For this AI, the function of self-learning and using the UE (user experience) will be used and work with this AI will be simplified as much as possible for ordinary users. In addition, the platform will be the very user-friendly interface, to attract newcomers to this area. As the founders say, with the help of their project they want to give power to people. That is, that everyone could enjoy the benefits of civilization and keep up with progress.

Savedroid platform tokens:

Platform tokens will be used to perform actions on the platform (use of available functions) and for general trading on different exchanges.
On account of the sale of tokens, we can say the following:
Pre-sales lasted from 12.01.18 to 26.01.18, the main sales last until March 9, 2018. The price of one token is 1 euro-cent. In total, the company generates 10 billion tokens, of which 6 billion will be available for purchase. All unsold tokens will be destroyed after the ICO. Tokens are available for purchase both for bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as for such fiat currencies as the dollar and euro with the help of bank payments or the use of credit cards.

On the account o the distribution of tokens it is possible to say the following:

  • 60 percent is available for purchase during the ICO;
  • 15 percent is allocated to large investors and the team;
  • 10 percent for the development of the platform itself as a business idea;
  • 10 percent on advisors and legal costs;
  • 5 percent on the bounty campaign.

On account of the distribution of the collected fund:

  • 50% is allocated for marketing;
  • 30% is allocated for the development f the platform;
  • 15% on the development of its full-fledged activities in the banking and crypto-exchange;
  • 5% of legal costs and administration.


  • in 2015 the platform was created;
  • in 2016, the basic functionality of the platform was developed using AI, and applications were developed on Android and iOS, which were downloaded more than 50,000 times.
  • in 2017, the AI was improved, the work of the platform was optimized, more investments were made and more than 10 million secure transactions were made, except for this platform application downloaded more than 200 thousand times;
  • in 2018 AI is planned to improve its work with preserving and multiplying the main crypto assets and simple access for users without technological barriers;
  • in 2019, the AI will have the function of selling crypto without any problems and making instant payments;
  • in 2020, AI will be able to make smart investments in crypto portfolios, ICO and futures for risk diversification and profit maximization.

In conclusion, I want to say that the development of AI in the crypto world is quite an interesting idea. Given the optimization of the use of such platforms and the creation of an easy interface, many newcomers will gladly enter the crypto world through an application such as savedroid. Therefore, we advise you to try yourself in this business and earn with us!




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