Saifu — Review of ICO

Saifu is a platform that will make the world of cryptocurrency affordable for everyone.

The world криптовалют grows and grows quickly enough, actively use криптовалюты an order of 20 million inhabitants of a planet.

The figure is like a big one, but not on the background of almost 8 billion. In general, a cryptocurrency is a tool that is only accessible to technically savvy people who not only know how to use a computer but also understand some financial aspects and know the intricacies of working with them.

About the Platform:

Saifu wants to change this situation by simplifying the turnover of the Crypto-currency, their purchase and use, making it similar to using ordinary cash with the help of bank cards. Saifu is a licensed financial institution and offers its customers the following services:

  • Creation of crypto-currency accounts, which will correspond to international standards of bank accounts for fiat money;
  • the ability to quickly exchange various currencies, both crypto and fiat;
  • safe storage and use of cryptocurrency following the example of the use and storage of conventional currencies with the addition of a blockchain mechanism.
    the possibility of electronic transfers;
  • provision of payment services;
  • Special accounts on which both types of currencies will be stored – both phat and crypto.

Most recently, the platform has been tested in closed beta mode and now you can find an open beta version and try it out. And although the platform already has the means with which it is possible to develop normally, it still conducts ICO, for full-scale market capture and faster launch of the platform.

Platform tokens and their Sale:

The main function of tokens is to use them to pay for various services and pay for operations on the platform. In total, less than 100 million tokens will be generated. The price of one token is now only 0.0001 bitcoins. The minimum amount of funds needed for a large-scale project implementation is $ 10 million, the maximum amount is $ 49 million.

The platform has its own loyalty program, when paying all payments in SFU tokens, you will get a 30% discount on them, with 5,000 tokens held for a month, you get 10% return of tokens and 15% discount on their tokens, while holding 50,000 tokens for 3 months – 20% return of tokens and 30% discount.
The policy of the platform is based on the formation of token liquidity – burning 70% of the tokens used in transactions, not taking into account tokens from the loyalty program.


On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 65% will be sold during the ICO, 25% will go to the founders, the team and advisors and 10% to the reserve platform to support the liquidity of the tokens.

On account of the distribution of collected funds, we can say the following:

  • 40% will go to get a license and comply with the regulatory framework;
  • 15% of platform infrastructure;
  • 15% of the development of technology (a relatively small part is allocated here because the development of technology will last from 2016 and a lot of money and time is invested here);
  • 15% is allocated for marketing;
  • 10% for platform administration (staff);
  • 5% for attending various conferences and signing new contracts with involved partners.


In regard to the roadmap of the project, we can say the following: In April 2016, the idea began to develop, in May 2017, a European license of a payment institution was obtained. In September, the platform became a correspondent bank (opened a correspondent account with another bank). In October, a system of accounting for crypto-currency was created. In November, a security system was created to store cryptocurrency. In March 2018 a prototype of the platform appeared. In the second quarter, an extended license of the payment institution was purchased and public sales began. In 2019, it is planned to obtain licenses for the creation of cards like Visa and MasterCard with the Saifu logo. Obtaining a banking license and servicing payments in the cryptocurrency for any type of business.

In conclusion, I want to say that the platform has set itself a truly attractive goal. Running this platform will help grow the crypto community to a much larger size than they are now. The facilities provided by the platform are undeniable and I advise you to try the beta version of the platform to make sure that you need to invest in this platform




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