Red Pill Coin — Review of ICO  

Red Pill is a new digital currency that is created on the decentralized platform of the same name for the transparent and instant remuneration of users of various social platforms (for example, creators of various content).

They can be used for different purposes – as a reward for loyalty to the community and constant visits to it, and for achieving different goals. In addition, they can serve as a reward for subscribers of any service or product. Also, they will be used not only by different communities but also by P2P, when someone wants to reward another for a good video or article.

The main advantages of the platform are that it allows you to make and receive rewards safely and as quickly as possible. The platform was developed by the creators of various content who like this activity and know what problems are now arising with the monetization of this kind of work. And plus that platform tokens are easy to convert into real money or make purchases for them online.
Why buy platform tokens?

They will have a good and convenient wallet from which it is easy to send and receive tokens. There will also be a purse extension for Google Chrome. It also creates a purse app on mobile devices with Android, iOS. And one of the most amazing innovations of the platform is the application for coin mining on mobile devices.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

Platform tokens will be used for many purposes, which we have partially listed above. In total, slightly more than 100 million tokens are produced. 75 million will be available for purchases during the ICO. The type of the token is POW (Proof of Work). Soft cap project is equal to 1250 Ethers. Hard cap project is equal to 15,000 Ethers.

On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 15% is allocated for pre-sales, 60% for the time of the main sales, 10% for the team, 5% for the advisers and partners, 5% for the pool of rewards and 5% for the platform reserve.


On account of the distribution of collected funds, the following can be said: 50% is allocated for marketing and platform development, 15% for development of mobile applications for mining, 15% for operating expenses, 10% for legal expenses, 5% for the platform and 5% for platform administration.
The ICO will last until June 10. At the same time for 1 Ether, you can buy 1900 platform tokens. The minimum investment is 0.1 Ether.


In March 2017, after the change in the policies of Youtube and Google, many content creators lost their source of income. In July the Red Pill team was created and the product development began to achieve the goals of content creators. In September 2017, a platform site was created and a purse platform development was announced.

In January (20 number) in 2018 the purse of the platform was launched, so the creators outstripped the development schedule. On February 19, Red Pill Coin Chrome expanded its capabilities in the Chrome store. On the 20th, an application was created on Android. April 5, was already created a coin miner for mobile devices with Android (the team outstripped the schedule for three months). April 13 was issued a purse for mobile devices with iOS. In the second quarter of 2018 ICO started, which will end on June 10. In the third quarter, the launch of the miner on mobile devices with iOS is expected.

In conclusion, I want to say that the project is quite promising with a strong and active team. Given the limitations of centralized services for content creators, which are becoming more and more, you can be confident in the quality and ubiquitous use of the platform. For a more detailed introduction to the platform, you can go to the platform site or read the information document. Good luck!




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