Qilimanjaro — Review of ICO

Qilimanjaro is a project to create a new computing platform that will work with quantum computing of a new generation, with maximum speed, performance and minimum cost of calculations.

About the Platform:

The creation of this platform is possible thanks to the development of quantum physics and the control of photons and atoms in individual systems. Thanks to this control, it became possible to use these quanta to transmit information, and this field of science is called “quantum information”. The platform is a practical application of the knowledge gained in recent years.

The ecosystem of the platform includes the following components: Quantum Computer or a quantum computer – which will provide access to quantum information through cloud platform services. The second component is consulting services for the platform users, that would be most convenient to use the platform’s capabilities. The third is the platform language, which already has beta access and with which you can work on any quantum platform. The fourth is a community of developers that will advance the development of quantum algorithms for working with information.

How can you use quantum computing?

  • Thanks to quantum technologies, you can easily crack conventional storage media and by creating the quantum information you will protect your data from hacking and spreading;
  • thanks to new technologies, you can optimize the solution for any type of problems and find quick and correct solutions;
  • machine learning of neural networks that will use quantum technologies, which will make the learning process faster and more efficient;
  • the use of knowledge in quantum chemistry for new scientific research and achievements;
  • new ways of modeling financial data to eliminate risks to a minimum.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

Tokens will be used to gain access to platform functionality. A total of 300 million tokens are issued, of which 135 million will be available for purchases to the community. Tokens can be purchased for broadcasts and for their purchase you need to undergo the procedure “Know Your Customer”. The minimum fund-raising required to launch the platform is $ 9.9 million, a maximum of $ 25 million


About of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 45% is allocated to sales to the community, 18% to the platform reserve, 15% to founders, staff and platform advisers, 10% to growth and attract developers to the platform language. 7% is allocated to expenses during and after the ICO. And 5% is allocated for the conclusion of cooperation with different companies.

Concerning the distribution of collected funds, the following points can be singled out: 65% are allocated for research and development of the platform itself and its components, 22.5% is allocated for software platforms, 10% is allocated for marketing and 2.5% is allocated for legal costs.


With regard to the project development plan, the following can be said: from the third quarter of 2016 to the fourth quarter of 2017 the project team was formed, and the first document on the use of a quantum cloud computer was published, the first studies began.

In the 1st quarter of 2018 – release of the information document, communication with strategic partners. In the 2-3 quarters of 2018, the sale of tokens and the conclusion of transactions with strategic partners. It also creates a platform interface and its version with minimal functionality. In the 4th quarter, the main sections of the platform will be connected, and their alpha and beta releases will take place.

In the first and second quarters of 2019 – the first experiments with quantum information on a quantum computer platform, the development of their own quantum blocks, testing their programming language and the beta release of the community network. In 3-4 quarters, alpha access to the quantum solution of problems and the creation of corporate accounts with an influx of issues to solve problems. The launch of the world’s first small-scale cloud quantum network of 5 blocks. Further, it is planned to increase capacities and develop the platform community.

In conclusion, I want to say that the idea of the project is rather unusual and interesting. In order to understand it, one must really understand all quantum processes and realize the advantages of applying quantum theories in the practical world. For more detailed information, read the information documents.




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