PlayHall– Review of ICO

PlayHall is a platform aimed at the development of mobile games “Skill Gaming” including the use of cryptocurrency in this sphere.

The platform is aimed at highly intelligent, attentive and fast players who want to compete for the championship in the gaming area.

About the Platform:

Every year the number of players and spectators of cyber-tournaments and Skill Gaming inexorably grows, with the roughly equal division, namely 200 million players and the same number of spectators. One of the top projects is the card game Hearthstone, whose revenue was $ 400 million for 2016 and the number of players was more than 70 million. In addition, the growth of players in this direction is projected to increase by 50% until 2020.

Skill Gaming is a new industry of electronic sports that replaces classic table games and sports tournaments. In this area, it is easier for you to develop your “sports” indicators and everyone is equal to everyone. It all depends on your persistence and desire to win. And for winning in various competitions, players receive valuable prizes or cash rewards, which sometimes exceed the $ 1 million mark for the team.


And the absolute plus of this sphere is the absence of social stigmatization (public censure), as a casino or bookmaking. And these games are completely legal and are characterized from the positive side from the legal, social or commercial point of view.

At the moment, there is a beta version of the platform, on which there are games such as Checkers, football: a quiz; American football: quiz; table tennis: quiz. Soon on the platform will add another 20 different games.

PlayHall platform tokens:

The platform will use its own PHT tokens and seven most popular currencies, namely:

  • Bitcoin (BTC);
  • Ethereum (ETH);
  • Litecoin (LTC);
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC);
  • Dash (Dash);
  • ZCash (ZEC);
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Tokens will be used to participate in various tournaments and voting on the platform. A total of 500 million tokens are produced. The token sail will last 8 weeks starting in March 2018. During the pre-sale on the platform will be 20% bonus. After the sale of 2000 esters, the bonus will be equal to 10 percent, and from 6 to 11 thousand airs – 5%.
The goal of the ICO is to collect 16,000 broadcasts.

On account of the distribution of platform tokens, we can say the following:

  • 60 percent will be sold for the stages of selling the tokens;
  • 20% is allocated to the reserve fund of the platform;
  • 18 percent for the project team;
  • 2 percent on the bounty program.

On account of the distribution of the fund, which will be collected during the sale of tokens when the hard cap is reached:

  • 61% will go to marketing;
  • 25% for the further development and development of the platform;
  • 8% for administrative expenses related to platform activities;
  • 6% for legal services and counselling.


On the roadmap of the project: from January to February 2017, the original project team was formed and the vision of the platform activity was formed. From February to March, the technical task and plan for marketing the platform were formed. In April-May, agreements were concluded with various game manufacturers and a demo version of the platform was developed.

In July – decided to create an ICO. Until the end of 2017 preparations were underway for the ICO. In Q1 2018 – pre-sales, in the second – the main sales and after that a voting system will be available on the platform. In August 2018 – the launch of the first 20 games with the ability to play for the cryptocurrency. In September 2018 – the first tournament on the platform; In December 2018 – 50 games on the platform, and in December 2019 – 200 games on the platform.

In conclusion, I can say with confidence that the project is waiting for a great future. The gaming industry is promising, the Cryptocurrency is more promising than ever, remuneration in the cryptocurrency is interesting, the connection is perfectly perfect. Such an uncomplicated explanation, which you can believe. Join the game!





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