Photochain — Review of ICO

Let’s start with the problems of the photo market. Taking into account the research of 2015 on the sale of photos on one of the largest resources, we can say the following, the average price of the photo was approximately $ 2.8, while for the quarter the company received an income of $ 134 million.

Also during this time, there were about 47.8 million transactions (134 million / 2.8) or about 530 thousand downloads per day. Also, there is evidence that the photographer received an average of about 0.25 cents for one photo sale. That is, to earn $ 1,000, you had to make 4,000 sales. Considering how much the platform received and how much a particular photographer received, you can imagine what taxes were imposed on users of this platform.

About the Platform:

Photochain is a platform for selling and buying photos, which will provide its advantages for both sides of transactions – both photographers and buyers. On the platform will be charged the minimum tax on the sale of photos – only 5% of its price.

his huge plus (95% of earnings) for photographers will allow them to significantly reduce the prices of photos relative to prices on other platforms, which will benefit consumers as well since the purchase of photos will be much more affordable for them. And this, in turn, means that more and more users, both photographers and buyers, will prefer Photochain to other photo exchanges.

Platform tokens:

A total of 230 million tokens will be released. Platform tokens will be used to make purchases on the network, and also as a reward for various achievements of photographers, for example – to be elected in search results. The main phase of sales of tokens will last from 6/04/2018 to 18/05/2018. During the ICO, 180 million tokens will be available for purchase. The minimum investment is 0.1 air, the maximum is 1000 air. From 1 to 10 days of the main sales there will be a 30% discount, from 11 to 21 – 20%, from 22 to 32 – 10% and from 33 to 43 – 5%.


On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 79% is allocated to sales during the ICO, 14% is allocated to management, the team and legal costs. 4% is allocated to advisors and 3% to the bounty program.

On account of the distribution of collected funds, the following can be said: 30 percent is allocated for the development of the platform itself, another 30 percent is allocated for marketing, 10 percent for copyright and licensing, 8 percent for platform infrastructure, 5 percent the next platform development and R & D, 4 percent for legalization, accounting and auditing, another 4% for cooperation with photo agencies, another 4% for allotments for participants, 3% for business development and the remaining 2% for various conferences and speeches.


On the roadmap, the following can be said: in April 2017, the idea of creating a platform and conducting market research, in June 2017 developed a prototype platform. In September, this prototype was launched. In October-November 2017, preparations were made for the sale of tokens, which included interaction with different communities, legalization, the search for new team members and advisors. In December, preparations were made for pre-sales, and in January 2018 – for private pre-sales. In February, a more functional version of the platform was created and in the first quarter of 2018, the ICO began. In the second quarter, the platform will be launched. In the 3rd quarter of 2018, the Photochain platform will be launched in full.

In conclusion, I want to say that at the moment there really is a problem of high fees from photographers on photo exchanges. This factor repels many novice photographers to exhibit their photos for sale. Thanks to the Photochain platform, the situation will change radically and the photo world will be filled with a lot of wonderful works that will cost less than those that are now, and photographers themselves will earn more, so the platform expects success. Join now!




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