PeerAtlas — Review of ICO  

PeerAtlas (further Atlas) is a new medical decentralized platform, whose mission is to provide free access to the world of modern technologies and knowledge in the field of health.

About the Platform:

At the moment, medicine is moving farther and farther and for the quality treatment of its patients, doctors need to constantly evolve. But there is one thing, access to quality information is paid and limited. Although it is possible to understand resources that depend on advertising fees or subscription fees because new and high-quality information is also worth the investment. Therefore, the new Atlas platform – free access to medical knowledge, which will appeal to many professionals and their customers.

In principle, Atlas is a medical library, which is created by highly qualified participants of the platform. In addition to the library, the platform will also act as a forum, to discuss the hottest issues and opportunities to come to the truth.

To ensure that medical articles come from the experts on the platform, the KYC procedure will be introduced. Thanks to it, the platform will receive primary data about new specialists and check their titles or degrees through their channels. Anyone who does not have or does not confirm his medical degrees will be able to interact with the platform as a “Citizen”. All “Citizens” will have access to medical information that can help them in emergency situations.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

A total of 100 million tokens are generated. Each token will be divided up to 0.0001 parts. Tokens will be used to assess the work of platform professionals, as well as to use the platform functionality.


On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 30% of tokens are allocated to the platform’s reserve, 17% of tokens are sold to early buyers during pre-sale, 50% are allocated to sales during the main sales phase. And 3% is allocated to the founders of the platform. On account of the tokens that remain in the reserve, we can say the following: they will be unlocked for 10 million tokens in 3 stages – in 3 months, 3 years and 10 years.


The project was conceived by its creator (who is a doctor) back in 2013 when the first site was created – the alpha version of the PeerAtlas project. It was in 2013 that one of the founders graduated from medical school. In 2015, the original founder – Dr. Mattson joined forces with Dr. Klosser to further develop the project. In December, Dr. Mattson first bought bitcoins as he realized that the cryptocurrency is an interesting environment for the development of projects. In June 2017, Dr. Klosser bought NEO tokens.

In July 2017 Whitepaper was created and an enthusiastic project development was started. In 2017, all issues were resolved in order to “put” the Atlas tokens on the blockchain from NEO. In November, preparations were begun for the ICO. In December, the project was presented in the US and Japan.

In January 2018 the ICO project began, professional marketers were hired. In April, the purchase of tokens began by early investors with the “know your customer” procedure. In June, private and public pre-sales and the immediate sale of tokens begin. In July – the end of sales and the development of the project.
In July, a detailed development of the project with a full staff of developers and professionals in the medical field will begin. In August, the development of applications on iOS and Android will begin. In September the project site will be completed. And then the development and development of the project will follow with the introduction of all its functions, as well as with the constant updating of information for the development of users and medical staff of the platform.

In conclusion, I want to say that the development of the medical environment is extremely important and the Atlas platform will be very popular and possibly supported by some governments. It will be useful to doctors and ordinary users, so now it remains to wait for its full launch. For more detailed acquaintance with the platform, I recommend reading its information document. Good luck!





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