Otppay — Review of ICO

Omni Token Platform for Payments or OTPPAY is a platform built on a blockchain, through which you can perform transactions of purchase/sale, exchange or payments in the relationship of crypto and fiat currency.

This platform will attract not only such useful functionality as the instant exchange of cryptocurrency for a fiat but also the lowest tax rates for transactions.

About the Platform:

On the platform, all crypto-currencies will be used, for their transfer to Fiat, they will be converted into platform tokens and instant payment in Fiat. All operations will be as fast as possible. This is possible mainly due to the fact that the platform will have a permanent reserve, which will increase with the growth of the platform for the possibility of quick payments in any case.

Another prospective plus that the platform will have is a low volatility of the value of the tokens since they will be backed up by the Fiat.

The platform will be quite attractive for e-business because now there are quite a lot of crypto-currency users and if they will be able to use their crypts constantly, they will definitely use them.

The platform interface will be very convenient to use. To work on the platform you will need to undergo the procedure of KYC or “know your customer”.

Thus, the platform will create protection against antisocial transactions. Also on the platform will be implemented artificial intelligence and machine learning, so that it will work quickly and constantly improve its work.

Platform Architecture:

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

Platform tokens will be used to sweep any cryptocurrency on Fiat on the Internet in the shortest possible time. In total, 1 billion tokens are generated. 200 million of them are allocated to the reserve, which in the future will be used for the needs of the platform. 70 million was allocated for private sales. Total will be sold 600 million tokens, for which the platform will receive 71250 Ethers.

Also on the platform will be its own referral program. In addition, 111 million tokens will be used as bonuses and awards for the participants and programmers in achieving the goals of the project. 19 million tokens are allocated to employees and public contributions. The project’s software is equal to 1,250 Ethers.

It’s ridiculous to talk about such a small amount, as it was very quickly collected due to the prospects of the project. Hardcap mentioned above and he is 71250 Ethers. IC, in general,l will last until June 2 or collect a maximum.


On the collected funds allocation expense can say the following: 40 per cent is allocated for engineering and development of the platform and its services, 15 percent as operating expenses, 12 percent for marketing and promotions platform, 10 percent of the involvement of partners, 10 per cent for bank licenses and confirmations 10 percent for legalization and 3 percent for others.


The company has been engaged in various developments in the field of technology since 2010, but if we talk more about the development plan for the project, we can point out the following: In the first half of 2018 ICO was launched, licenses for the exchanger will be obtained and a purse will be created. In the second-third quarter, a beta version of the platform, an automatic

KYC system and maps for exchange will be created. In the second half of the year, all necessary banking licenses will be received and a pool of liquidity will be formed in the US, Europe and Asia. At the beginning of 2019, AI and machine learning will be launched, analyzing the data received. In the second – third, the crediting option on the platform will be launched.

By the end of 2019, millions of purchases, exchanges and other similar operations will be carried out on the platform. Further on the platform appears a managed database of cryptocurrency. And further, there is an ever-increasing development and seizure of world markets.

In conclusion, I want to say that the platform is really very promising. Convenient use of cryptocurrency for purchases of something and instant exchange of any cryptocurrency for fiat money is what is now needed for so many users of the crypto world. So, we follow the development of the project and look forward to its launch!




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