Ntok – Review of ICO

NTOK is a platform which is created for online education distribution, and convenient interaction of tutors and their pupils when everyone is able to find the person necessary to it.

The platform already has an alpha version which is used for an English online study and uses quite successfully.

Creation reasons:

More and more people pass into the sphere of training online, it is so possible to save a lot of time (considering trips to the teacher or to the meeting place, besides, in some objects teachers in your city can be absent generally). Now online occupies with tutoring (which is not absolutely convenient, there are no specialized resources for this purpose and which can not always be found) only 3-5% of the market of tutoring. A few years ago this index was even much less, but by 202 2 transitions to online, the mode of 70% of tutors is predicted and the volume of turnover of this market will reach about 227 billion dollars a year, and the amount quite impressive.

Now in the market for tutoring, there are many shortcomings, namely:

  • With the tutor it is possible to be engaged only in case of a personal meeting;
  • For use online обучений the universal platform which will consider both methods of search, and compensation methods are still not created;
  • It is difficult to find the person who will know the sphere in which you are interested and will provide lessons;
  • Sometimes you receive the information about teachers only through advertising.


The NTOK platform will solve all these problems using online training and blockchain technology. On the platform, there will be a set of different courses and teachers from whom the minimum commission will undertake correlation. Initially, the platform is directed to tutoring in such spheres as foreign languages, coding, preschool education and courses for students of K-12, but the input on the platform of absolutely multidirectional teachers from different spheres is in the future predicted.

Tokens of the NTOK company:

Presale lasted from December 5 to March 1. At this time the price of one token was 1 dollar. Public sales to last from March 16 to April 15 and the price of one token will vary from 1 dollar to 1.2 dollars. Tokens will be used as platform currency for the fee which users will be able to receive also for their interaction among themselves. Into the account of the distribution of the generated tokens it is possible to tell the following:

  • 70% will be sold for ICO time;
  • 20% are selected for founders, a command and advisers;
  • 7% — a platform reserve;
  • and 3% for bounty.

Hard cap of the project is equal to 15 million dollars.

Distribution of collected fund:

  • 40% will go for marketing and development of service personnel of the platform;
  • 35% for development of the product (platform), complete switching on a blockchain of the mechanism and connection on the language of different languages for operation in the different countries;
  • 25% are selected for a reserve and operations on the platform.


In May 2017 the alpha the version of this platform was launched and it still works and tests the success of this enterprise. In the middle of April to end ICO, till June the beta will be inclusively launched and teachers will begin to teach the students through the platform. In January 2019 – connection of providers of content, marketing in the different countries of the world. In July 2019 – complete functioning of the platform with all switching on. In January 2020 – operation of the platform in the majority of languages, preschool training and training of students in different spheres.

In conclusion, there is a wish to tell that education and investment into itself are included more and more into a trend. Platforms of this kind is a novelty which can attract also savers of knowledge and people who wish to find them. Considering that online education spends less resource, than if necessary somewhere to go and look for the teacher or pupils, the prices on the platform will be incorrect and it will be too plus which will attract new users on the platform. So, join the platform and develop education together with us!




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