Nauticus — Review of ICO

Nauticus Blockchain is a platform for the implementation of blockchain technology in banking operations and e-commerce, for greater innovation, efficiency and protection.

The platform is based on six ideas:

  • Creating an exchanger for a crypto and fiat currency, which will have low commissions, the ability to conduct many times more transactions per second than is currently done. Also to the exchanger will be global access from both the PC and mobile devices;
  • Mining centre on the blockchain, which will be powered by electricity received by alternative methods. Its own mining centre will allow you to make quick and cheap transactions, as well as provide permanent support for the platform;
  • World e-commerce, which will have some of the lowest taxes, fast and safe payments and the ability to sell and purchase from mobile devices. Also in e-commerce, there will be a system of assessments and feedback in order to understand who you are dealing with and what goods you are getting;
  • The platform will be an intermediary for trade payments with minimally low fees (up to 0.1%) with the possibility of payments through NFC, QR, ApplePay and AndroidPay;
  • Global use of the “know your customer” system (KYC), which will provide the highest security by monitoring user accounts and recording their activity and transactions;
  • The platform will support the conduct of new ICO campaigns, adding new tokens to the exchange platform and transparently working with them.


The platform distributed additions of new functions by years. In 2018, the functions of international exchanges of fiat and crypto-currencies will be added (in the listing from the start there will be 100 crypto-currencies and a top and soon this list will be expanded to 300). Also in 2018, a mining centre will be established using alternative or renewable energy. In 2019, the platform will add the function of e-commerce. In 2021 the platform will be expanded with additional features and capabilities for sellers, with ultra-low transactions. In 2022, the platform will add the function of global verification by type KYC or “know your customer”. In 2023, the platform will launch the support of ICO campaigns and provide assistance in their support and team search, financial and legal aid advisers and others. After 2023, it is planned to obtain licenses for work with banks and governments, since by that time, the blockchain and crypto will be everywhere.

Tokens and their Sale:

The sale of tokens began on March 18 and will last until April 30, 2018. A total of 2.5 billion tokens are issued. For 1 bitcoin you can buy 100,000 platform tokens. The minimum of fees is $ 8 million, the project’s hard cap is 88 million, but for a full launch of the platform, $ 68 million is enough. The minimum purchase is 500 tokens. From 8.04 to 14.04, when you buy, you get 15% of bonuses, from 15 to 21 – 10 percent and from 22 to 30 – 5 percent.
As for the distribution of tokens: 2 billion will be sold to platform users, 212.5 million will be allocated to the team, 37.5 million will be allocated to advisers, 250 million will be allocated to bonus and referral programs. Tokens will be distributed before May 25, 2018.

In conclusion, I want to say that the combination of such a multitude of functions on one platform simply can not help attracting. Therefore, the platform will be gaining more and more new users every year of its activity and this statement is simply undeniable. So, I advise you to invest in it and join already now to use all its advantages in the future.

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