Multiversum — Review of ICO

Multiversum is a new technology of the blockchain mechanism that changes the storage systems in it, distributing them to coherent blocks that are interconnected, so that the transmission of these data becomes many times faster.

At this stage, we know only one type of blockchain – a sequence of transactions that involve one type of data pertaining to either a single transaction or to several loosely interconnected chains. This technology is not only slow but also takes up much more space than the offer from Multiversum.

The platform will allow combining different series of data to create block circuits, which will allow creating greater variability with greater speed and with less space and time. This technology can be used not only for crypto but also for providing services to administrative, industrial, financial and government structures.

The main features of this technology:

  • Relational blockchain – the ability to manage not one but several types of data that are related to an identifier and have a multidimensional structure;
  • The transaction speed that emerges from the previous paragraph, because several types of data make it possible to use several channels and conduct blocks faster than one linear;
  • A large number of transactions and scalability of the platform without restrictions, since it is connected by cores, you need to increase – we will add cores.
  • Improved security of operations, because now it is not the integrity of one block that is checked, but the integrity of several blocks;
  • In the system, the possibility of biometric entry into the wallet appeared.
  • Perhaps funny, but a real reason to go to the system – it is friendly to nature, uses much less of all resources and does not harm the environment;
  • The platform will have a rollback system for transactions with mutual distrust of both sides and the conclusion of their respective responsibilities (special functionality);
  • Duplication of goals – or use of resources in an optimal way and splitting of one main chain into several sub-chains;
  • And the last in the list, but not in the value of the trait are the system restore nodes, due to which it will have a reduced risk of hacker attacks and the ability to restore the entire system from the rollback point.

Also, the platform in its vision set out plans for studying and adding quite a few functions. Here are some of them: extended API, multicurrency freezing of wallets, native off-network adapters for your tokens, interaction with other blockchain mechanisms, blocking of double access rejection of back access, confirmation of the reciprocal chain of the blockchain, integration for Java, Spring and Javascript, SQL-like language and other.

Very soon, the platform will have a pilot test of the platform to verify all its functions and take into account all your desires.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

The platform tokens will be used as a full-fledged cryptocurrency. A total of 141 million tokens are generated. The cost of the token is $ 1. The software project was already assembled and was equal to $ 5 million. Hardcap – $ 35 million. The main sales will last from May 1 to June 10, 2018. In 1-2 weeks the bonus is 20%, 3 and 4 weeks – 15% bonus, 5 and 6 weeks – 10% bonus. 1 percent of the collected funds will be donated to charitable organizations.


Now on account of the distribution of tokens: 76% will be allocated to ICO participants, 15% to founders and a team (these tokens will be frozen for 12 months), 6% to co-authors of the project and 3% to advisers and partners.

Concerning the distribution of collected funds, the following can be said: 47% is allocated for the development of the platform itself, 25% for transaction costs, 12% for project marketing, 5% for security improvement costs, 5% for legal costs, 5% for platform provision and 1% for charity.


At the expense of the project development plan, we can say the following: in March 2018, a successful pre-ICO was held. In May, the stage of the main sales will begin, in June the development of the project will begin with his team. For three months, the main management system, drivers, libraries and their full integration with the platform will be added. Over the next three months – checking and improving the system. Another three months will go to confirm the reliability of the system (against hacking 51 percent) and integration of biometrics using Android and iOS applications and into the WEB application too. During the last three months of the plan, the exchange, multicurrency and various applications support will be added.

In conclusion, I want to say that the development of the blockchain mechanism is now in the trend. And the development of new generation blockchain is, in general, a profitable and attractive topic. Given the huge number of benefits, which include increased security, a reduction in “weight” and an increase in the speed of all transactions, I am confident that this project expects success. Therefore, I advise you to invest in it and use all of its services, and if you want – just to make good money on the growth of the price of its tokens.






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