Morpheus — Review of ICO

Morpheus is a project that develops a decentralized, automated platform for deliveries in the global trading industry.

What is the problem now?

In the global economy, and simply in the global business, it is impossible to do without the supply of goods or their receipt with the transfer across borders. But alas, now all actions related to international supplies are extremely inefficient, labour-consuming and time-consuming. For such a simple action as sending a batch of flowers on an international level, you need to generate more than two hundred documents, which will be from at least 12 different instances.

In this case, the slightest mistake in one of the documents will lead to the fact that the goods will be sent back or it will be lost anywhere. Also, among the contractual documents, a bill of lading has been distributed, because of which delays may also arise, especially with payments.

About the Platform:

The Morpheus network was created to exclude the entire chain of intermediaries and problems arising from the multitude of intermediaries.

The network will use smart-contracts and blockchain mechanism. Thanks to them, anyone can get acquainted with the documents related to international shipments and thanks to the blockchain, these documents will be 100% original because no one can forge them.

Thus, all this documentary red tape can be avoided and each agency will have access to all the documents that they need to verify.

The Morpheus platform is created by professionals of their business and with the help of their work, as well as the mechanism of blockchain and smart-contracts, it will be maximally optimized, secure and automated.

Morpheus platform tokens:

For the presale, the company collected almost $ 6 million, which indicates that the society is interested in these technologies and immediately attracts attention.
In total, the company generates 100 million tokens, which will be sold from March 22 to April 22, 2018. The minimum payment for participation in TokenSale is only 0.1 air. The project’s hard cap is 36 million dollars.

On account of the distribution of generated tokens, we can say the following: 52 million was allocated for the open sales phase, 20 million were sold during pre-sales, 12 million was allocated for the project team, 9 million was reserved as bonuses during the sale of the tokens, 3 million 350 thousand are reserved for strategic partners, 3 million on advisers and the remaining 650,000 on the bounty.


On the roadmap of the project, the following can be said: in April 2016, the founders of the project met to discuss their ideas and implement the mechanism of blockchain in it. In June, a team was created to work in North America and Asia. In August, the network began a relationship with an international production union. In December 2016, the platform was implemented with the TD Canada Trust.

In March 2017, the allocation of funds and the taxation of the platform’s activities were agreed. In May 2017, Willson International became a major adviser to the platform for global sales and customer relations. In September Winjit became a strategic partner of the platform. In October – a platform agreement with a payment system for SWIFT payments.

In January 2018, a secure platform purse was created and a blockchain mechanism was introduced. In February 2018, it became possible to purchase platform tokens. In March – April – the stage of the main sales. Also in April, the subsequent development of the platform and expansion of the team will be made. In May 2018 – started working with the largest crypto-exchanges. In July – a large-scale testing platform to fix possible errors and improve the work. In September – the simulation of international supplies. In December 2018, access was opened too early investors and the possibility of real-world transactions and shipments.
In the first quarter of 2019 – the global launch of a platform with open access.

In conclusion, I would like to say that given the opportunities that the platform will provide to all businessmen who work on a global scale, it will really include big business sharks. And this, in turn, testifies to the receipt on the platform of a huge cash turnover and high earnings platform. So, friends, we invest in the platform, because the price increase of its tokens is guaranteed!




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