Midex —  Review of ICO

Midex is a financial platform that will become a crypto-vaulted bank, operating on a blockchain mechanism that includes all banking functions.

The crypto-currency world is growing quite rapidly now, but using cryptocurrency and carrying out various operations with them, like with fiat money, is rather complicated. Of course, now there are a lot of different exchanges and you can buy and sell your crypt, but paying a site for a product or service is a completely different matter. At the same time, Midex offers the output of the cryptocurrency in the “real world” when using a bank card or an account you can make instant payments at the expense of your cryptocurrency with the most favourable conversion rate.

Now, to buy a product or service to the owner of a cryptocurrency, you need to make several different operations on different services and pay a fairly high commission for this, and you should wait a long time. But the Midex platform will eliminate all these problems and will become the solution that we need at the junction of the classical and crypto-currency economies.

Advantages of the Platform:

The main advantages of Midex are that it will use a one-stop-shop system in its activities and interaction with customers, and will, therefore, be easy to manage. Also because of this, it will have low commissions and customers of the platform will benefit from using it. And another plus is that Midex is created as a “module” and for its expansion, it is enough simply to increase the number of modules.

The main services provided by Midex are a currency exchange, security of transactions, a network of crypts, its payment cards, assistance in conducting ICO on the Midex platform, investment marketplace, credit functions and of course, a payment system and settlement accounts. And it will all be in a single WEB-interface, with simple use.

Midex tokens:

The company issues its own currency, the owners of which will have quite a few privileges not only inside the platform but also outside, such as the possibility of receiving various discounts and participating in bonus programs.

At the expense of the cost of the tokens – 1MDX = 0.00164 ETH.


On account of the distribution of the tokens, we can say the following: 65% will be sold during the ICO, 20% will go to the project team, 7% to the founders and advisors and as much as 8% to the bounty.

On account of the distribution of collected funds: 50% will go to the reserve platform in order that the Midex exchange be liquid and attract new users. 20 percent of the collected budget will go to further development of the platform, 10% for marketing, 10% for legal support and the remaining 10% for operations on the platform.


In 2017, a crypto exchange was created, a web platform and the possibility of currency exchange. Now and until the end of the second quarter of 2018, the technology of blockchain, participation in SWIFT, PI license, mobile application, P2P credits, exchange API and asset management will be developed.

Until the end of 2018 – the creation of crypts, the issue of plastic cards, a banking license and the creation of accounts + a pool for mining. In the second quarter of 2019 – the establishment of MidexCoin, an educational program, a social trading network and increased security on the platform. Until the end of 2019 – the possibility of venture capital investment, insurance, brokerage services and ICO marketplace. In 2020, a complete completion of the development of the platform, a social trading network and premium insurance.

In conclusion, I want to say that the project is really needed by society since the convenience of using cryptocurrency for purchases of various goods and services now desires better. And with the help of the new platform – Midex – we will get this convenience. We are waiting for the full launch!




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