Merculet  — Review of ICO

Merculet is a platform for the development and growth of any enterprise by attracting the attention of Internet users through their own network “Value Attention”

Purpose of the Platform:

This network is called upon to link the two sides of sales – the supply and demand – into close interaction. This will be done through an open set of protocols that will ensure the fair distribution of the necessary information of enterprises through the Internet. This network will provide different ways of working for users through various tools. In turn, the business will have different methods of attracting new real users through various scenarios.

This network is created for the live circulation of valuable information on the Internet and the creation of new direct relationships between users (demand) and business (supply). On the platform, the technology of the blockchain mechanism will be introduced, thanks to which open relationships between entrepreneurs and their customers, between clients and customers, and between entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs will be possible. Also, the mechanism of blockchain will save us from the need to use the services of intermediaries. Providing independent information from the entrepreneur to the client will relieve both sides of many problems and completely change the relationship between them.

At this time, given the amount of information that consumers receive via the Internet, it is very difficult to find something truthful and really suitable. This problem for a long time did not give peace to the founders of the team, because of what they decided to solve this problem by creating their own network, which will pass information from primary sources, for which the entrepreneur will directly answer. Thus, all the information that will come to us through the Internet will begin to have its real value.


Thanks to the tokenization of the network, entrepreneurs will be able to reward really interested customers with their tokens, and these same customers are tokenized their attention. The “Cost of Attention” network will have three main components for work and existence:

  • a scientific system for assessing the attention of users, which will be integrated with the reward system and, accordingly, reward users for interest in an enterprise;
  • user tokens, which will be internal platform tokens (which, in turn, can be exchanged for tradable MVP tokens). With these tokens, entrepreneurs can reward their users for their attention to the product;
  • the platform will provide the opportunity to disseminate information for the attention of other interested users and to provide rewards for these actions.

The platform has such large partners as Elex, Solo Ads and MagicWindow whose activities are adjacent to those in which the Merculet platform will be involved.

Platform tokens and their Sale:

We wrote about the receipt of tokens above, on this we turn to their sale. In total, 10 billion MVP tokens will be released. The minimum required to run the platform is 10,000 aether, the maximum is 37,000 aether. On private sales, 21,000 aired and a minimum investment of 150 aired, the maximum – 1000 aether. For 1 ether you can buy during this period 87.5 thousand platform tokens. 16 thousand Ethers have been allocated for public sales, the minimum investment is equal to 0.1 ether, the maximum – 5 aired. There are some restrictions on buying tokens – cannot be bought in China and the US.

Concerning the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 35 percent goes for the development of the platform itself, 30 percent will be sold during ICO time, 20 percent is allocated to the team and advisers and 15 percent to marketing.


At the expense of the platform development plan, we can say the following: In Q1 2018, a network design and a verification system based on evidence concepts were created. In the second quarter, platform tokens will be listed on the stock exchanges. The first version of the platform will be launched to verify the cooperation of the parties (supply and demand) and find the joints of contact between them. Also, the platform market will be launched, which will help determine the reward for users giving attention to entrepreneurs. The platform will be tested for at least 15 partner companies.

In the third quarter, the second version of the remuneration system will be launched. Also, the opportunity to calculate the award will be launched depending on the attention paid. There will be a beta release of the platform, which will be available to a limited number of content creators invited to participate in the platform.
In Q4, the second version of the platform wallet will be launched, which will allow exchanging tokens (UAT and MVP) for various goods. Also, there will be a merger with other networks to promote specific content. There will be support for the exchange of internal platform tokens on the MVP. And at the end of the year there will be a launch of the platform with the involvement of copywriters, content creators, various companies, full-fledged advertising, a chain of rewards and many others.

In the first half of 2019, the platform will be internationalized. You can access offline payments. Will launch 4 platform modules – consensus mechanism, reputation system, public courts and platform micro-missions. The infrastructure of the platform will also be upgraded.

In the second half of 2019, the infrastructure will be renewed and full-fledged support of smart contracts for enterprises is introduced. And full support of the internal platform token will be introduced.

In conclusion, I want to say that a targeted information campaign is what businesses and their clients need. Thanks to this platform everyone can get what is needed and the two sides of the interaction will be happy with it. Initially, the platform’s activities are aimed at cooperation with major partners, but I think that over time the platform will grow and join more partners due to its functionality. Therefore, I propose to join the platform and invest in its activities.




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