Lympo – Review of ICO

LYMPO is the company that develops a health data application that will help you monetize your sporting activities.

According to statistics, more than 52% of phone users collect information about their health using telephone applications. In 2016, more than 3 billion applications of this type were downloaded. The data that these applications receive are useful not only for users themselves but also for health-improving industries.

But, the users who collect this data have limitations. They can not distribute them, make annual or more complete summaries and then more monetize. Due to the lack of the ability to receive complete summaries, users can not observe progress or regress in their health status, and health industry representatives can not track the most useful time for people’s activity and their emphasis on improving their health.


The company Lympo undertook the solution of these problems. All the data that users will receive their health will be systematized. In addition, for distributing these data to interested parties, platform users will be able to receive tokens.

Also, users will receive tokens on their wallet for achievement in a healthy way of life. These tokens, in turn, can be used to buy goods and receive services on the market, which is formed on the market and will combine more than 500 fitness professionals in the initial stages. And after that, the market will include networks of sports, health and fitness products and services.

In addition, the platform will have its own crowd-funding platform. And the LYM tokens will be used to raise funds for innovative companies in the field of a healthy way of life, and thus the LYMPO network will move forward.

In addition, the platform will be implemented blocking mechanism, which will help to collect data in the following categories of health:

  • Insurance;
  • Digital medical records;
  • Medical tests;
  • Data collection directly from patients;
  • Gene studies;
  • The interaction between medical institutions.

Lympo Tokens:

On account of tokens, we can say the following: considering the fact of customers and stakeholders of this industry, the founders decided to generate 1 billion tokens. The hard cap of the project at the same time is 14 625 Ethers, it is for this sum that 650 million tokens will be sold. The main sale of tokens lasts from February 17 to February 28, 2018. At the same time for 1 Ether, you can buy 40 thousand tokens.


On account of the distribution of company tokens, we can say the following: 65% will be sold for pre-sale and for the main sale of tokens. 22% of tokens will be allocated for the subsequent development of the platform and the mechanisms of blocking on it. 10% is allocated to the team and advisers and 3% is allocated for pre-sale to the whitelist.

At the expense of using the collected funds: 40% will go to the research and development of the platform, 30% on marketing and the introduction of new customers on the platform, 15% for platform operations + legal costs, and the remaining 15% are allocated to network costs.


In December 2016, the development of the platform began and the first investments were made. In May 2017, preparations were made for the sale of tokens. In September 2017, the first application from the platform was launched. In November 2017, the first partnership deals were concluded for the development of the future Lympo platform. In January 2018, the pre-sale of tokens began. In February of the same year, the fitness wallet Lympo was launched. In March 2018, the sale of platform tokens on stock exchanges will begin. In the second quarter of 2018 – beta release fitness wallet. In the third quarter of 2018, the development of Lympo fitness wallet will be completed.

From the first quarter of 2019, the monetization of platform users’ activities will begin with the help of the health industry. The second quarter will be marked by the opening API for use by third parties. In the third quarter of 2019, the first partner research of the Institute for the Use of Fitness Data will begin. In 2020, the platform will begin full-fledged work with the assistance of all sides of this field.

In conclusion, I want to say that this project is supported by many advantages that will ensure its stable and rapid development. Given the interest of modern society to a healthy lifestyle, the connection of monetization in this sphere will be a rather interesting proposal for the majority of users. And access to such data for health-improving industries will help improve the life of society and open a new stage in this area. So, join the company and become healthier with us!




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