Lucyd — Review of ICO

Lucyd Technology is a platform which is designed to change usability of the world of augmented reality. Not so long ago this technology began the development, but, because of some reasons in this sphere there was a rollback and further, it does not develop.

Lucyd Technology intends to change it radically. The project team holds 13 innovative patents in the sphere of augmented reality, besides professionals in the sphere of optics, ergonomics enter a command and it is finite, augmented reality which smart and convenient points for daily use together will be able to create.

Platform purpose:

Creation of intelligent processors of the new generation which will be less in volumes and more powerfully than their predecessors is their purpose. By means of these processors augmented reality glasses will be able to add all given parameters of a thing which you see. The product will look as the most normal points for daily use – they will be easy, ergonomic, without any wire and, besides, in them, the adjusting lenses will be contained. Also, except the native support and content, Lucyd glasses will be able to display content of Android and IOS.

Also I read important to add also scientific data, as professor David Williams from the Rochester sky university reads – “More than 50% of a cerebral cortex spend the energy for processing of visual information”, and by means of these points your life will become simpler and the brain will not need to spend the energy once again.

For fundraising on this development, in partnership with 3-sided developers, the action for collection of tokens or marketing a campaign was also created. With the help of the raised funds, the command will develop a prototype of these points and the blockchain for mass release and sale will implement in its system.

Tokens of the Lucyd company:

Into the account of tokens of the company, the following will be possible: they will be used for purchases of products of the company and use by its services. Name of a token: LCD. In total the company will generate 100 million tokens and a half of these tokens will go on open sale, that is: 50 million 30 interests of tokens will be deducted for the subsequent development of the corporation, including insertion in development of the mechanism a blockchain. 10% are selected for members of the team of Lucyd Technology. And another 10 percent will be sold out after TGE for those who supported a campaign and normal clients.

Software a cap of the project is equal to 1,5 million and is already reached, a hard a cap = 10 million dollars. Before release tokens will not be. Sale of tokens comes to an end on February 28, 2018. At the same time, the cost of one token is equal to 25 cents now. For purchase, you can use the majority of currencies including fiat currency.


Into the account of the distribution of the raised funds, it is possible to tell the following: 45 percent will go for development of a prototype of the future product, 40 percent are selected for development of the platform, 10 percent on the administration of all processes on the platform and 5 percent on legal expenses.


Into the account of the roadmap of the project, it is possible to tell the following: Everything began with combining of different patents for the creation of one product, then gathered a complete team and in October 2017 began Pre-sale. In November launched the complete sale of tokens which to end on February 28. Since February development of the product which is planned to be provided to show in September 2018 will begin. The same month the compatibility with Android applications and iOS will be developed. In October 2018 the prototype will be tested and in the first quarter 2019, he will be presented for holders of tokens.

In conclusion, I want to tell that this campaign is really interesting and I hope, will raise more money, smart points which are convenient for wearing and cannot be distinguished from the normal pleasant addition in a collection of smart and things of wealthy people. Besides, these points will simplify to our life and will detail all necessary information from the environment so to get acquainted with something it will be better for you to climb optionally behind the phone, it will be possible just to put on smart glasses. Perspectives of the project are indisputable therefore, we advise you to invest money in it and to wait for an output of one of the steepest devices.




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