Lendroid — Review of ICO

Lendroid is a platform which was initially intended for credit, that is – the credit platform. The main participants of the platform – the creditor, and the borrower or the person who obtains this credit.

By means of an input on the platform of a large number of creditors who will use the contract of “trust” in case of the output of the credits on the platform, the general pool of credit is created. Special rules and fault-tolerant insurance by means of which the capital of creditors will be protected were for this purpose created and low interest of credit, or, more precisely, a low margin is provided.

The principle of Work:

If to speak about the principle of operation of the platform, then it is possible to provide the following: the borrower for whom money is necessary declares digital assets into the conditional deposit account, the creditor, in turn, defines specific conditions for the amount of the credit, an interest rate, cost of the credit and the period of crediting and also other parameters which will be specified in the smart contract. On condition of coincidence of requirements of the creditor and the borrower, the smart contract will be executed by means of their transaction. At the same time, leaning on the period of the concluded credit the borrower can execute it in time or not use, but then this credit exchange will be unavailable to it.

In fact, Lendroid acts as the guarantor because of whom need of trust between the sides and intermediaries of marginal exchanges disappears. Thus, trading on this platform will be provided with key parameters – a low margin and reliable contracts

Many known exchanges recorded growth of exchange transactions with bitcoin and air which rose since 2016 at 12-15 times (from 12 million to 168), that is, exchangers permanently in operation and it is too one of the criteria which confirm need of creation of such platform as Lendroid.

Tokens of the Lendroid company:

Name of a token of the company: LST. For an involvement in operations on the platform, it is necessary to have these tokens in existence. Also, tokens will expand opportunities for control of the platform. If to speak in more detail about their generation and sale, then it is possible to tell the following: for 1 air it is possible to acquire 48 thousand tokens. It would seem much, but it is necessary to mention that the company generates whole 12!!! one billion tokens. 240 million will be realized during public sales of tokens and 240 million for the whitelist and pre-sales.

Hard cap of the project is quite small and I am sure that the campaign quickly will reach it, it makes only 5 thousand air. It is still important to tell that 25% of tokens of the company will be distributed between participants within two years, depending on a contribution to the project and involvements in its operation. Tokens can be bought using only one currency: Ethereum.


Now in more detail about the distribution of tokens after generation. 40% of tokens will be available to purchase at different stages of the campaign ICO. 25% are selected for different partners of the company, including her investors (I mentioned about this distribution when I spoke about a bonus for two years), 12 percent are selected for founders and a project team. 10 percent are selected for the structure of bonuses upon purchases for the campaign ICO, another 10% are selected for a command which will accompany the project during its start and directly its message. And the remained 3 percent are selected for advisers and bounty a campaign.


The roadmap of the project is described briefly and accurately founders and in it, there is a speech that in 1 quarter 2017 the information document of the platform was created, in – the second quarter there was a possibility of crediting in a demo version which is launched on Kovan. In the 3rd quarter, the information document was in open access and everyone could learn approach of the company to decentral marginal trade. Wo second quarter the platform will be launched 2018. In the 3rd quarter support of “Multi-Chain” will be entered. Waugh second quarter will pass 2019 network management to holders of her tokens.

In conclusion, I want to tell that this platform is perspective thanks to two basic parameters. The first – a low-interest rate, the second – high level of confidence which is guaranteed by contracts of the platform. The contribution to this network will give you an opportunity of constant earnings and growth of the price of its tokens it is possible to foresee already now, for this reason, we advise you to join the platform and to earn together with us.





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