LanceChain — Review of ICO

LanceChain is a decentralized market, based on blockchain technology, where you can work and hire employees with zero commission percentages.
This opportunity appears because the platform will have direct interaction between the freelancer and his client.

Plus such interactions are that both the freelancer and the customer can put real prices for services, not taking into account those percentages that need to be given to the intermediary, and therefore the first one will be able to earn more while the latter will spend less.

Thanks to direct interaction, it will also be possible to evaluate each participant of this platform for honesty, reliability and speed of accomplishing tasks or payments and leave their comments on this matter.

The main points on which the platform will be based on its work are the following:
no fees, zero commission, regardless of the amount of work and its complexity;

  • no censorship thanks to the mechanism of the blockchain;
  • guaranteed payments due to the same mechanism;
  • understandable conditions and opportunities;
  • the opportunity to save or earn more thanks to the working conditions on the platform;
  • regulation of disputes on the platform, so that your funds will be safe;
  • Of course, the support of the blockchain;
  • the possibility of free choice.

Why will this platform be successful? It has long been known such a profession as freelance and every year more and more people go into this sphere or earn additionally in it having a basic kind of work. In the US alone, freelance employs 57 million workers, who contributed 1.4 trillion dollars to the economy in 2017. A huge amount, is not it? And it looks more beautiful, if you write it in figures, it’s 1.400.000.000.000. And now, let’s figure out what kind of turnover the platform will be at the entrance of just 1 percent of these freelancers to the platform.

And if one percent of the world freelancers? I think you understand why the platform simply has to be successful. And the platform is trying to improve working conditions for freelancers by giving them and their customers a zero commission and 100% security with settling all disputes, which is a huge argument for its benefit.

Platform Architecture:


If you get acquainted with the current affairs on the market (throw schemes with ID), then the overpayments to intermediaries on both sides (freelance and customer) are 22-33 percent. Given the turnover of freelancing platforms, you can easily calculate that only in the American market this amounts to $ 300-400 billion, a huge amount of overpayments. The new LanceChain platform will save everyone from these overpayments, and even raising the price of their work (considering that they received freelancers with a commission) by 10%, the price will be lower for business again by 10-15%, an undeniable benefit.

Another great plus of the platform is a thing like freemium. This means that the basic functions of the platform will be free. And this is also quite attractive because the platform does not really take anything for using services. Usually, on platforms, with low commissions, there is a certain amount that you need to pay to enter, there will not even be that. This and many other advantages will attract a really large number of people to the platform, which will cause a network effect, that is, the more users come to the platform, the more users will come to the platform further. And LanceChain will try to encourage its customers to stay on the platform and attract new users.

Also, the platform has its own bonuses. For the first platform users, 10% of tokens are allocated for additional payment for their stay on the platform. That is, LanceChain not only does not charge you a commission but also pays you for using this platform.

Platform tokens and their sale:

On account of platform tokens, the following advantages can be highlighted: the owners of tokens can be regulators on the platform, which will be able to search for talents, inspectors and experts, and receive, in turn, for this token. For those who have a large number of tokens, additional premium features will be provided. More tokens – more functions. The growth in the price of tokens is predicted by the fact that many freelancers who like the platform will want to get additional functions (they will earn them with ease).

Therefore, they will buy platform tokens, so the turnover will go, because of the more regular users of the platform – the more new users, the greater the demand for tokens, the higher their price. Also, the holders of tokens will receive additional bonuses from the platform and will be the first to test the newest features of the platform.


A total of 96.8 million tokens are produced. The minimum fee for launching the platform is $ 1 million. On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 50% is allocated for sales during the ICO, 20% for partners, 20% for the subsequent development of the platform and 10% for the team and founders.

Concerning the use of collected funds, the following can be said: 40 percent is allocated for software development for the platform, 20 percent as a platform reserve, 15 percent will go for platform marketing, 10 percent for operating expenses, 10 percent for contingencies and 5 percent for legal costs. During the pre-sale for 1 ether, you can buy 1900 tokens, in the first round of sales for 1 ether 1650 tokens and in the second round for 1 ether 1,400 tokens.

Also on the platform will be a referral program with an amazing bonus – 10% of the amount contributed by referrals in the form of their tokens.


On the roadmap, the following can be said: in June 2017, an idea and a team were formed? and in October the development of the platform has already begun. In February 2018, the project was said openly and the marketing company was launched in the form of bounty and announcements from partners. In the second quarter of 2018 – the sale of platform tokens. In the third quarter, the tokens will be integrated into various exchanges. And in the first quarter of 2019, the platform will be launched. In the second quarter of 2019, there will be mobile applications of the platform and the number of active users of the platform and the prices of its tokens are expected to grow rapidly.

In conclusion, I want to say that the platform for freelancers with zero commissions is really something. And considering this, it will attract a lot of users, which in turn entail the connection of other freelancers and the growth of the platform. And thanks to a large number of freelancers on the platform, there will be competition, additional functions will be interesting and there will be a steadily growing demand for tokens. In consequence – the price of tokens, and therefore it’s time to invest in the project and wait for its launch and development!





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