Kryptobits — Review of ICO

Kryptobits is a new decentralized platform, created to provide banking financial services using blockchain technology and, thus, provide a quick, simple and cheap way to make transfers of crypto and fiat currency and exchange them.

Thanks to the development of technologies, it is possible to escape from bank restrictions, from intermediaries and large commissions for transactions and from tracking your transfers, which do not give any anonymity. The exchange from Kryptobits changes everything at the root, gives you complete control over your funds and access to them for instant money transfers or withdrawals anywhere in the world, at any time.

In fact, this platform will have all the possibilities of bank transfers, but cheaper and safer. In addition, the platform will combine Fiat and cryptocurrency, which is especially convenient for crypto-enthusiasts, in fact instantly it is really necessary to get Fiat.

Advantages of the Platform:

  • of course, one of the main advantages is security, which is guaranteed by blockchain technology and the platform’s functionality – Cold Wallet, 2FA and others;
  • each investor will have access to the price tracking charts of crypto-currencies, that would make up some statistics and analysis;
  • you can withdraw your funds through the map of the platform Montbrun Capital;
  • on the platform you can buy various crypto-currencies;
  • you will be able to make currency exchange transactions with each other, as well as make exchanges with Fiat in cryptocurrency and vice versa;
  • on the platform will be distributed airdrops for rapid and stable development;
  • High performance for crypto traders with optimized smart contracts.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

During the sale of tokens for purchases, KBE tokens are offered. They are issued 1,802,500,000. The company will be available 1,442,000,000. The sale of tokens began on May 17, 2018, and ends on November 4, 2018. At the same time, the minimum required to launch the platform is 4 million euros, a maximum of 100 million. The minimum investment is equivalent to the purchase of 100 tokens. At the same time, from 17.05.18 to 03.09.18 the tokens cost 5 euro cents, from September 3 to 19 – 6, from September 19 to October 3 – to 8 euro cents, and before November 11 – to 10 euros percents.


Tokens will be distributed as follows: 78% allocated to community sales, 20% platform development and team and 2% to advisers.

But in addition to platform tokens that will be traded on exchanges, there are also internal tokens of the platform – Karto Chain. They will be the main currency of the exchanger and used to gain access to platform functionality and perform various operations. Their price will not depend on the prices of other crypto-currencies and, thus, the price of operations on the platform will not change.

Also, these tokens will provide you with some advantages, discounts and so on. A total of 54 million are issued. They are distributed as follows: 50% is allocated to the community that takes part in the Pre-ICO / ICO. 5.4 million allocated for Airdrop and mining. 5.4 million is allocated to the exchanger, which will support the exchange of various currencies. And 16.2 million (30%) allocated to developers, consultants, economists and lawyers platform.


At the expense of the plan for the development of the platform, we can say the following: in the 1st quarter of 2018 the development of the platform began and the application for DLT license was filed. In May 2018, pre-sales of tokens began. In June, the development of an exchanger began. In July – DLT license will be received and presentation of Kryptobits trading will take place. In September, the main sale of tokens begins. November 4 – the end of the sale of the tokens. In November, there will be a presentation of the exchanger or exchange platform. In December – the release of the stock exchange, as well as the presentation and launch of the domestic currency of the platform Karto Coin.

In conclusion, I can say that the platform really has a lot of advantages, both for other similar platforms and for the banking sphere. I am confident that all these pluses of the platform will attract a lot of investors and it will develop rather quickly. For more detailed information about the platform, you can read the information documents.




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