Kryll — Review of ICO

I will begin with a small prehistory, to be exact, from the story about cryptocurrency. I think, there are now no people who at least did not overhear about bitcoin though it found such popularity a few years ago in spite of the fact that will celebrate the anniversary soon.

During the active growth of the price of bitcoin and remaining similar cryptocurrencies, the most bright net surfers saw earnings perspectives in this sphere. Over time began to earn on salt uses of cryptocurrency both professional traders, and just fans for whom it was a profitable hobby. Nevertheless, to be in plus it is necessary to find for a game on currency a lot of time, to have technical knowledge, an exposure, to own analytical skills and other tools which will help to earn.

As Will Work:

The Kryll platform decided to allow to earn to all who will work with it. The principle of the platform following: on it will integrate the exchange, a training polygon, both a possibility of exchange of experience and knowledge for passive earnings.

How is all this possible? Creation of cryptocurrency exchange – business in itself not new, but Kryll will have the features. First, a command of the platform is sharks of a trading who in this sphere and will advise not the first year participants of the platform concerning trade at the exchange.

Besides, at “research centre” you will be able to test the methods of earnings on cryptocurrency, the diagrams without the expenditure of own money, and using the conditional currency as if in the normal simulator. If your diagram comes”, then you will be able to earn on it so as if all of your time is at the exchange. Also, you will be able to share the strategy with other players, is not free of charge finite, and for percent of their earnings which will be your passive income.

Tokens of the Kryll company:

Into the account of tokens of the company, it is possible to tell the following: they will be called KRL. Generation of tokens is equal to 220 million and their cost at the same time is equal to 20 cents. The minimum contribution upon purchase of tokens is equal to 100 dollars. Not sold out tokens will not be issued. Sale of tokens will last from February 7 to March 20, 2018, or before the complete sale of tokens. Planned хардкап the project = by 29 million dollars. Purchase of tokens can be made for some of the most popular cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin, you will give, эфириум and others). Also during the sale of tokens some bonuses, now and till February 26 – 10%, on February 27 – on March 5 — 5% are available.

Distribution of tokens:

  • 65% will be sold for ICO time;
  • 13% are selected for a command;
  • 10 percent of the involvement of new users;
  • on 5% for the press and different expenses;
  • 2% for bounty.

Distribution of collected fund:

  • 54 percent will go for development of the platform;
  • 18% for marketing and involvement of new users,
  • 15% for creations of cooperation with other exchanges;
  • 9% of operating and other expenses,
  • 3 percent of the reserve;
  • 1 percent of legal expenses.

The development plan for the project:

Now to last the ICO company which to end on March 20. In April issue of tokens will be made, and in the summer of 2018, the alpha the version for participants of the sale of tokens will open. In December 2018 – an open beta of the project. In 2019 the working version of the website and in 2020 distribution of the platform will be created worldwide.

In conclusion, I want to tell that this platform will be precisely successful. Approach to this sphere with a possibility of passive earnings due to the distribution of the diagrams is something new that will attract many participants of the crypto world. So, join the platform, gain new knowledge and share them for bigger earnings! Good luck!




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