Knowledge — Review of ICO is a platform which will help people to earn the momentary reward for knowledge gained by them which they will share on the platform.

We quite often hear such phrases as: “Why to me to learn it, unless will pay me for it”, or “When to be useful to me your mathematics”, or “My friend works now and he says that all this knowledge was not used to it at all”. At first, you study at school, then at college, then at the university, and someone else and at a postgraduate study and doctoral studies.

But during this time you obtain so large number of multidirectional information that often it is difficult to you to find its scope of application. Besides, it is frequent to you to have to learn objects which you do not love and you will avoid all methods them use in the subsequent life. Considering all these problems the platform decided to set up channels of information flows between participants and to pay for their activity and the selected knowledge in platform tokens.

The platform was created as the concept of rewarding and praise of knowledge. Each person has own knowledge which he gained for the time of study or through life experience, but it is possible to share this knowledge with a favour for others enough not everything, and not always. completely changes this situation and gives an opportunity to be promoted for the exchange of knowledge. – the multifaced platform of distribution and information storage which will be transmitted through the Blockchain mechanism and to create the separate approach to each user for the collection of the information suitable for it and personification of data. Thereby the platform will provide the high level of interaction of different participants and will use different models of rewards in the activities.

Tokens of the company:

In total, the company creates 150 million tokens, well to tokens to the sale of 68.75 million to an equivalent of a hard сap of 65 million dollars. During private sales since December 5 on 15 явнаря 15 million tokens were available. Pre-sales lasted from January 15 to February 12. And now to last a stage of the main sale which to end on April 8 or on the achievement of a hard сap.

The price of one token is equal to 1 dollar, but the minimum investments are equal to 200 dollars. Besides bonus programs work now: till February 26 of 25% of a bonus; from February 26 to March 12 – 10 percent, from March 12 to March 26 – 5% and further without bonuses.

Distribution of Tokens:

Into the account of the distribution of tokens: 70 percent will be sold out during all stages of the sale, 17% are selected for the subsequent mining, on 6% for a command and a reserve and 1% for bounty.

Into the account of the distribution of the budget:

  • 47.3 percent will go for development of the platform;
  • 16.1 percent — on a design team and partners;
  • 10.7 percent of sales and marketing;
  • 16.1 percent of staff recruitment and operational expenses
  • both residual on legal and other expenses and also on a reserve.


Into the account of the roadmap of the project, it is possible to tell that it was broken into three phases. The first phase – the 4th quarter 2017, all main details which concern the platform were during this time created and the campaign ICO is developed. The second phase includes all 2018 – there both start of the full-fledged platform and cooperation with partners, and an output on different markets of sellers, and, naturally, development of the platform. The 3rd phase – 2019 – releases of products of the laboratory of knowledge.

In conclusion, I want to tell that development of this platform is, in fact, one more step to the development of humanity. The platform will provide an incentive to learn more and to share the knowledge. Thanks to it you will be able to encourage the close to knowledge acquisition and to develop yourself, too you can do and rather yourself. So, join the platform and we wait for its release together.




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