Kickcity – Review of ICO

Kickcity is the company which develops the platform for dissemination of information on different events, directly, through participants and people interested in this event.

Creation reasons:

Why there was this need? Now in a pattern quite large number of different actions, from concerts prior to scientific conferences and often there are difficulties with the competent marketing of these actions. And, by data to statistics (from Statista), very often people do not respond to events invitations; advertising which is shown in Google services or Facebook can be not in that context which is necessary for the owner. Often there is a problem with the selection of audience who should be invited intends. And, at the same time, the services called above conquered the world of advertising and on it makes good money.

For an example: if you create a concert action and you distribute tickets by means of advertising on Facebook, then on advertising you need to pay 30 cents for each click. At the same time, your tickets cost 60 dollars. In principle, 0,5 percent – is not a lot of. But considering statistics, about hundreds of click-throughs carry out only seven purchases. That is, you pay 50 dollars for advertising and receive 420 for tickets. Not really favorable perspective, considering that this advertising costs 3,5 dollars. Thus, about 73 percent of events have unprofitable advertising from what lose a part of the profit.


For this reason, the Kickcity platform decided to change marketing strategy and to organize it through ordinary people who are interested in the held event. By means of blockchain technology – after the purchase of the ticket for an action you receive the link of a referral, and upon transition and purchase of the ticket according to this link of your friends, you will earn the reward. Besides, you earn the reward (it is possible to call a discount) for the purchase of the ticket you. Thus everyone will be interested in advance of an action in which it goes.

Tokens of the Kickcity company:

Sale of tokens will last all March, at the same time, the token will cost 10 cents. For ICO is planned to collect 12,5 million dollars. At the same time during the sale of tokens to purchase 160 million tokens, and the bonus program will be available, namely:

In the first day – 15% of a bonus, from the second on the tenth – 10% of a bonus, from the eleventh on the twentieth – 5% of a bonus.


At the same time, the company generates 250 million tokens of which 160 million are for sale, 30 million – at a command, 30 million – on partners and 30 million – a reserve.

Into the account of the distribution of the budget collected during the marketing company: 50% will go for marketing, 30% for development of the platform and a command, 13 percent – for the administration of the platform and 7 percent as a reserve for different force majeure.


In the 4th quarter 2016 the Kickcity platform was launched and for 2017 also a blockchain the mechanism and protocols of the platform were developed, the first income is gained and the first testing of protocols of the platform is held. In 2018 it was decided to broaden the platform and to attract it more users, ICO is launched and the further growth and development of a product are planned.

In conclusion, it is necessary to tell that the platform creates a perspective view of the development of the world of marketing. The advance of different actions by people who really are interested in them and, for certain, can have the interested friends, will be very effective. So if you are interested in different events and usually you do not sit in place, then this platform for you.




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