IQeon — Review of ICO

It is difficult to check, but this platform is aimed at the development of humanity literally of this word. Yes, the development the mankind, and is not a joke.
IQeon – the decentral game PvP platform or the player with the player. At the same time on the platform there will be exclusively intellectual games, different puzzles and others application which will help your self-development and your I.Q. is higher, your achievements, the more money are higher you receive for it.

That the Company Offers:

IQ – coefficient of mental development of eon – an er (with Greek). That is, the platform begins itself a new era – an era of mental development. On the platform, there will be several types of currencies, the internal currency of the platform, cryptocurrency of the platform and fiat currency. By means of the achievements, you will be able to earn internal currency of the platform and to make its exchange for cryptocurrency of the platform which in turn can be changed for fiat currency. Precisely too it is possible to make upside-down.

Besides it is necessary to mention that the sphere of intellectual mobile games takes the third place on downloading now (conceding only to arcades and an action to games), but in case of this time carry out much more to them, and having added an incentive of receiving any profit on development of the mental capacities to this sphere not only to join a large number of participants, but also those which all ready to eat will begin to find it more time.

This sphere was practically not monetized earlier and if to be more precise, then attempts on monetization of the activities in a pattern of intellectual games were made only by 3% of players, and it worked well less than a half of them. At the same time this platform offers:

— specific monetization, using increases in the rating;
— the designer of applications for development of novelties on the basis of the previous applications;
— the low commission in case of input and output of money (is 3 times lower than on other resources where there are paid applications)
— earnings of developers on in-game purchases;
— bonuses and other balls separately on each game.

Tokens of the IQeon company:

It is time to pass to reviewing of tokens of the company.

As on the platform, in addition to users there will be both application builders and content and also partners of a platform, the turn of IQN will be very revitalized that shall lead to the growth of its price in the nearest future. Besides, the company releases a few tokens – only 10 million that too will play a role in their price. Tokens will be created for the exchange of internal currency of the platform for fiat money and for an input on platforms of everyone to a large extent. Also, they will be selected as the reward for developers of games, owners of copyright, partners and for the creation of prize funds in tournaments.


Into the account of the distribution of tokens, it is possible to tell the following. 13% will be sold for the time of two rounds of pre-sales, 57% are selected for public sales of tokens, 12 percent – at a command which carries this project, 10 percent – as bonus fund, 6% — on partners and consultants and 2% for bounty. All unsold tokens will be destroyed. The tokens selected for a command will be disabled on afloodr year, on partners and consultants – for 2 months. Bonus tokens will be distributed within 12 months.


In the 3rd quarter 2016 the idea of the creation of the platform was originated and in the 4th quarter, the first investments (50000 dollars) to start development were involved. In 1 quarter 2017 attracted 300 thousand dollars and formed a team. With Waugh-second attracted consultants to technical audit and developed a prototype of the platform. In the 3rd quarter attracted 30 partners. In the 4th quarter, there were already more than 100 partners and Pre-ICO was carried out.

For 2018 it is planned to create all necessary tools for high-quality operation of the platform and its exchanger and also attraction of 2.5 million the active users. In 1 quarter 2019, I will be created the applications on the platform and in – the second quarter implementation of an artificial intelligence is planned. In the 4th quarter 2019, it is expected to have on the platform 10k of partners, 150 applications of IQ and 15 million users.

In conclusion, I want to tell that I look forward full to start of this platform, it is absolutely a different view on the world of intellectual games. Earlier, for the absolute majority, it was difficult and boring – now, it is a method of self-development and earnings of money at the same time. In general, considering that how many people are interested in intellectual games at me now the doubt creeps in that creators of the platform of underestimated and by the end of 2019 on the platform there will be at least twice more people than they foresaw it. So, friends, join the platform, develop and earn on it!




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