iOlite — Review of ICO  

iOlite is a platform that is created to develop new solutions for creating smart contracts and blockchain mechanisms, using programming languages that are available to most developers (C ++, Python, etc) or even ordinary languages, such as English, which is the result will be converted into the desired language for the blockchain language, using the platform application.


Developers of the platform have created their own quick adaptation application, which in a short time converts any of the partner languages of the application into the intellectual architecture of contracts. Their work was based on advanced solutions developed at Stanford University, for the naturalization of major languages. Also, developers assure that access to their blockchain will be fully open and simple for any programmer who has ever used the IDE (Integrated Development Environment.) Or, in other words, the integrated development environment.
What tasks are set by the iOlite team:

  • Increase the demand for blockchain and the possibility of its use;
  • to increase the community of developers of smart contracts;
  • connect non-professionals to interact with programming languages;
  • help trained programmers to interact with blockchain technology;
  • Enable smart contracts in the core business.

What the project team will do to solve these tasks:

  • will remove the barriers of programming languages, namely, it will allow you to use those languages that you already know and take away the need to learn new ones;
  • will enable you to use professional tools, namely install a plug-in plug-in into a professional DAE and will provide an opportunity to use the programming language with which you are working.
  • IOlite strives not only to improve the technology of blockchain but to provide access to this technology to everyone so that talented scientists and programmers can make our world better and more efficient.

Tokens Companies and their Sale:

A total of 1 billion tokens are produced, 650 million of which will be available for purchases during the ICO. Soft cap project amounted to $ 1 million and has already been reached, hard cap is equal to 12.5 million dollars.


On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 30% was allocated for sales during the PreSale, which has already ended, 35% is allocated for the period of public sales, and 35% will go to the reserve platform. On account of the distribution of collected funds: 45% will go to the marketing platform, 31% to develop and promote the platform, 14% to platform operations, 5% to business and administration and 5% as a reserve.


At the expense of the action plan for the development of the platform, we can say the following: first, FAE PoC was developed and access to the beta testing platform for the “friends” of the platform. Next, there was a public launch of FAE PoC. Then came the testing network of the blockchain platform. Further, we launched public pre-sales and expect 3 phases of open sales. After that, the main network of the blockchain platform will be available. Next will be the initial level of translation of the English language into the network of detachments. Integration of their automatic solutions into nodes. After that, we increase the usability or usability and functionality of the English language in the blockchain. And after that, in addition to English, Chinese, Russian and Japanese will be added to use the application and write smart contracts and blockchain.

In conclusion, I want to say that the idea of the project development is quite strong and will involve quite a lot of interested persons. The facilities provided by the iOlite platform are undeniable and after its launch, the path to the development of smart contracts and the use of blockchain technology will open to so many people who previously wanted to enter this sphere, but could not because of the lack of certain knowledge. For more detailed information about the project, you can read the information documents. Good luck!





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