Invox Finance — Review of ICO

Invox Finance is a project created by the founders of the Australian company ABR Finance Pty Ltd, which operates throughout Australia and is a successful company in financing (paying) bills.

Traditionally, when buying a product, an invoice is issued from the seller of the purchase, and the financial company that serves the seller directs the necessary amount to close the invoice at the seller’s expense. The buyer pays directly to his financier.

Thus, the problem arises of the opacity of transactions between the buyer and the seller for the financier himself, because of which there arises a certain risk of payment of failed or counterfeit transactions and the loss of money of the financier.

Opacity arises from the fact that the financier who pays the amount from the invoice has no direct connection with the buyer. Because of this, he has to rely on information that is submitted by his client – the seller of the goods.

About the Platform:

In turn, the Invox Finance platform provides an opportunity for all deal participants to interact with payment of peer-to-invoice invoices. Thanks to this direct communication, the possibility of information exchange, the risks for the financier are significantly reduced.

Also on the platform will be a system of rewards that will spur the interaction of all participants in the transaction. And in spite of the fact that the platform will use the blockchain mechanism in absolutely all operations, users do not need to understand the work of the technology itself, because the team creates the simplest explanation based on the UX model or user experience.

The platform will be useful for all participants of the interaction, namely:

  • for investors who need to increase their profitability and diversify their money portfolio;
  • sellers who do not want to delay or accumulate invoices, but who want to increase their money turnover;
  • Buyers who need long periods to pay invoices and who will receive a bonus for checking these accounts themselves.

Tokens and their Sale:

Tokens will provide an opportunity to use all platform functionality for sellers. Also on the platform will be a bonus system of rewards for performing various actions for both sellers and buyers. At the expense of the cost of tokens, for 1 ether you can buy 10 thousand platform tokens. The project’s hardcap is 20,000 ethers.

During the main sales, the system of bonuses will operate: on April 15-16, 20% of bonuses, from April 17 to 19 = 10%, from 20 to 29 – 5% and further (until May 14) without bonuses.


On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 55% are allocated to sales to customers, 20% are allocated to the team and advisors, 20% are platform operations and the remaining 5% to the bounty program.

On account of the distribution of collected funds, we can say the following: 45% are allocated for platform advertising, 20% for investments in finance, 19% for services on the platform, 15% for the development of platform systems and 1% for MISC costs.


As for the road map, it is divided into 3 stages:

  • Stage 1 – investing 500 thousand dollars in the capital of financing, creating a community, developing a smart contract, information document, framework and preparation for the ICO.
  • Stage 2 – the development of the platform itself and the conduct of the ICO.
  • Stage 3 – launching the platform and testing its legal capacity.

In conclusion, I want to say that the financing platform of this type does provide benefits for all participants of operations. They are especially noticeable for sellers who want to quickly close their invoices to receive money and bring them into circulation. So, the platform will most likely be used by most sellers and buyers who are used to such types of transactions, because the platform will greatly simplify them and make them as convenient as possible. So, we join the platform and follow its development.




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