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Inpactor will bring together various companies or brands, as well as social projects and volunteers, together on its platform with various functions and technologies for fundraising, administration of social projects, measuring their impact and much more.


The fact is that now the development of corporate social responsibility in various enterprises is quite popular. That is, take responsibility for promoting various projects aimed at improving life around the world (mainly helping disadvantaged children, people with high needs, third world countries and others). In addition, according to statistics, starting in 2013, the number of people who are acquiring goods of firms with high social responsibility began to grow and this, accordingly, will increase the profit of firms that are engaged in the promotion of social projects.

  • Also now there was a problem of deceptions in this sphere. Often, the money allocated or collected by the volunteers goes completely wrong where they promised. For example, on the development of Haiti, a red cross was collected about half a billion dollars, and for this money built only six small houses. Where are the rest of the money the story is silent? That’s why the founders of the platform consider it necessary to tokenize this sphere and use blocking technology, to fully monitor all transactions and the targeted use of the allocated funds.

This platform will provide a lot of advantages for brands, creators of social projects and volunteers, and most importantly – for people who need help. More about the advantages of the platform for the above categories can be found in the information document or on the platform site.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

A total of 240 million CSRm tokens are produced. For one ether it will be possible to purchase 2286 platform tokens. At the same time, 96 million tokens are available for purchases. Sales will last in two stages – from May 19, 2018, to July 19. And from September 3 to September 25, 2018. During the first stage, a 10% bonus will be available for the “quiz”. Also, various bonuses will be available depending on the date of purchase of tokens, which will be from 17.5 to 5%.


On account of the distribution of platform tokens, we can say the following: 40% will be sold during ICO. 30% is allocated as a reserve platform. 18.5% is allocated to the team. 5% – on investors. 5% – on the bounty, and 1.5% on the founders.

About the distribution of collected funds: 40% is allocated for product development, 30% for business development, 8% for platform reward scheme, 7% for platform reserve, 5% for administration, 5% for security and audit and the remaining 5% for legal costs.


At the expense of the development plan, we can say the following: in the middle of June 2018, there will be a beta launch of the platform, in August – the first version of the platform with the main functionality. In November – 2 version of the platform, in January – a hybrid mobile application. In July 2019 – integration of CSR tokens. In October 2019 – beta version of the artificial intelligence platform. In January 2020 – 2 version of the AI platform. In May – beta version of the premium version of the platform. And in December 2020 will be a full-fledged mobile application Inpactor.

In conclusion, I want to say that the development of this kind of activity is rather noble, and, as we understand, profitable for many enterprises. First, it is a help to all who need it, and secondly, it is raising their image and reputation. So, the platform will certainly be a success. For a more detailed acquaintance with the platform, I advise you to read Whitepaper. Good luck!




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