GoNetwork — Review of ICO  

GoNetwork is a new platform that creates its own alternative to high transaction speed and low maintenance costs. Although the world is becoming more and more involved in crypto operations, most of them are still not fast enough and are quite expensive to maintain the network.

The use grows, but technology, for some reason – no. It’s time to change this situation and GoNetwork offers its solution to the problem with the help of off-chain transactions. Thus, transactions will become even faster and cheaper, and this, accordingly, will attract many users.

The main advantages of the platform:

  • the potential, thanks to new technologies and undisclosed opportunities for the development of the sphere of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies that can well be shot in the near future;
  • the cost of transactions is an order of magnitude lower than in the main network Ethereum, as well as their increased speed;
  • a new infrastructure that will not be part of the main network of Ethereum and will be completely independent, and also low-cost;
  • The cheap value of all transactions in the new network.

The project team will make every effort to introduce payment for actions and purchases in the cryptocurrency in such areas as the gaming environment of mobile devices and e-commerce. Since it is for these spheres that prospects are now as high as possible and the value of their capitalizations is growing almost in geometric progression, which, of course, bribes.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

Platform tokens will be used to complete all transactions. A total of 100 million platform tokens are issued of which 50 million will be sold to the community. You can buy tokens using ether. The sale of tokens began on June 11 and in the first days of sales on the platform, there were various bonuses.


About of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 50% are allocated for sale to the community, 25% is allocated for the project team, 20% for platform development, ecosystem development and marketing, and 5% are allocated to advisers.

About the Platform:

One of the main challenges faced by the crypto community when implementing blockchain and crypto-currency technology in the community is the low compatibility of crypts with mobile computing systems. But there are many problems in certain areas.

For example, scalability for mobile computing. The transaction speed is calculated in minutes and often one transaction in time can greatly exceed the other, there is a wild distortion that is worth changing. Transaction delay occurs because each transaction is “produced” by the ether network. There are many developments that can eliminate this problem, but they will work only on platforms with PCs, and not on mobile platforms.

Also, the cost of implementing a replacement intellectual contract can be a big problem. Depending on the workload of the network, the costs for the same operation may vary greatly, and the time of their execution also, which should not be in the decentralized network.

And one more problem – now there is a restriction in the adoption of the system by mobile platforms. At the same time, the project team is confident in the possibility of compiling full ether nodes on mobile platforms. Because of the complicated work on mobile devices, the battery is quickly discharged, which is also a drawback.

Understanding all these shortcomings the team is making a new platform and a new cryptocurrency for their elimination.

In conclusion, I can say that a new solution and new technologies are often attracted. Especially the enthusiasts of the crypto community, in which innovations are the place. Given this, we can assume the rapid development of this platform and the growth of the price of its tokens. For acquaintance with more detailed information, I advise reading the information document.




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