Gilgamesh —  Review of ICO

Gilgamesh is a social network that is created to bring together authors, readers and critics, as well as service sellers for closer communication and raising interest in reading books due to the opportunity to communicate with each other.

About the Platform:

The platform is designed to allow more people to share knowledge via an interactive network. It will also allow authors to publish their works without connecting intermediaries. After all, the platform will be able to self-publish. With the help of the blockchain mechanism, the safety of the published works and the exclusion of plagiarism will be ensured.

With the help of the platform, it is planned to raise the level of intelligence of its users and give them the opportunity to concentrate and delve into a topic by seeking like-minded people and actively interacting with them. The platform will remove all the extra that is now in social networks. Before the creation of Gilgamesh, the founders drew attention to the study of Statista.

It says that a poll of 1787 young people who use about 7 of the most famous social networks showed the following. They have an increased risk of developing depression and nervous disorders. This greatly affects the ability to focus, self-control and intellectual development.

At the same time reading books does the opposite. They help to focus, increase the level of intelligence and self-control. They also allow you to increase your level of knowledge in a certain field and the opportunity to communicate with the author will greatly enhance these opportunities.
Authors will receive tokens because people read their books. And for tokens, in turn, it will be possible to issue books, advertise and use similar functions at the expense of the platform currency.

Gilgamesh platform tokens:

The platform will have 3 types of users: reader/critic, author and service provider. How can I earn platform tokens? – By writing reviews or reviews; detection of spam; Inviting friends; referral programs; for husks from other users; for comments of your reviews; for adding you to “wounded”, for husks on your profile, actions and comments of your actions. For selling books and getting positive feedback.


On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 25% will be sold in open sales; 20% is allocated to the founders; 5% for early investors and advisers; 20% is allocated for the retention and development of the platform. And 30% is allocated to the distribution of tokens between platform users for six years.

On the account of the finance that will be collected during the ICO, the following can be said: 65% is allocated for platform development and administrative services, 16% for platform operations, 13% for the marketing campaign and 6% for legal costs.


The roadmap of the project has quite interesting points. In the first quarter of 2018 will be the development of the platform version – Plato – an early development on iOS and Shakespeare – the improvement of this very platform with a variety of functions. Version Homer – will add the possibility of self-publishing for the publication of books + deal with their dissemination without intermediaries.

In the second quarter of 2018, the alpha version of the development will be launched. And the next stage – Homer – completion of the platform and expansion of the team. In the 3rd quarter of 2018 – the beta release of Plato’s version with the integration of tokens for user interaction and reward payments, the version will only be available to invited users. In the same quarter – the version of Homer, the improvement of functions and the launch of the previously developed self-publishing function. In the 4th quarter, the version of Plato will be available to the general public in the App Store. Version Homer (December) will include the development of services and APIs, applications for iOS and the development of design applications and web pages.

In 2019, the platform will be launched on a full scale, based on feedback from users, all errors will be fixed, there will be an opportunity to place advertisements for books and all the functions that the founders planned to provide on the platform will be added.

In conclusion, I want to say that creating this type of platform is a very interesting project. Reading books is quite popular, and the opportunity to discuss these books and reviews on them with like-minded people and even authors is something. I am sure that there will be a lot of users who will be very interested in this platform. It remains only to wait for its release and to become smarter and highly intelligent together!




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