Fintrux — Review of ICO

FintruX is the company which mainly specializes in the output of poor loans. Why did the company decide to fall within this scope?

Poor loans and also commercial crediting grow worldwide. From 2005 to 2015 the number of the active borrowers grew up twice. And by 2020 growth of the global market to 490 trillion dollars is indicated.

Besides, because the poor loan is not protected and the creditor is not provided with any assets undertakes big risk and therefore it is necessary to assign a high-interest rate. The risk of the credit is higher, the crediting rate is higher.

At the moment to such crediting local banks, commercial and private creditors and other participants of this market are engaged. But the business of crediting could be at a higher level in questions of transparency, the abbreviation of risks and rates and also supports of simple and fast financing.


The FintruX network will provide the solution for all problems connected to crediting. Creditors will be sure that the borrower will fulfil the obligations as the platform adds additional conditions, such as additional pledge, insurance and third-party guarantor. Thus the risk of violation of credit obligations and increase in the general rating of solvency will be reduced, and it, in turn, will influence interest rates reduction.


On the platform at once create the reserve fund for a covering of all losses connected to not returned credits. By means of the third parties of FintruX tries to neutralize credit risks of creditors. Also, founders and the command generates and will use the unique smart contract for each personal loan in real time. Also on a resource will be possibilities of optional control of the means, such as refinancing and early payment.


Tokens of the company:

Tokens of FTX will perform the following functions:

  • Reserve which will be used for reduction of risk when crediting;
  • Each holder of tokens will earn reward for execution of transactions;
  • They will be direct access to the platform as operations will be made only in platform currency;
  • If someone makes illegal actions, then the penalty will be imposed on it, and for the provision of information will provide the reward.


Into the account of their sale or ICO that it to last from December 7 to February 28. At the moment there is an Open sale of tokens from February 7 to February 28. For one air it is possible to buy 1000 tokens of FTX. In addition to purchasing in different time different bonuses work. The minimum amount of transaction is equal 0.1 air.


In total will generate 75 million tokens. 75% of this number will be sold for Token sale, on 10% will go to a command and a reserve of the platform. And another 5% will go to a reserve of support of poor loans (forgive for a pun).

Concerning funds which will be raised for the campaign ICO, it is possible to tell the following: 40% will go for the main development of the platform, 25% will select for marketing for development and a full-fledged output of the platform on the market. Another 25% select for the operating expenses connected to activities of the platform. And 10% are selected for legal expenses.


In the second quarter, 2017 kinds of research on an occasion of the creation of the platform and the related applications began. In the third quarter 2017 Whitepaper was created, the concept of development of the platform and development of tokenization of the platform is approved. In the 4th quarter, there was already a ready prototype of development. In 1 quarter 2018, the prototype of the platform with the open code was created and thanks to financing from ICO increased a command and also began to advance the development of the platform more.

Waugh second quarter will occur 2018 alpha testing of the platform and involvement of real clients. In the third quarter, there will be a platform beta, there will be the more specific development of a network, will organize high-quality service on the platform and will strengthen the strategy of a marketing campaign for the subsequent output of the platform on the market which is assigned to the 4th quarter 2018. After that, the platform will be completely ready and its development and extension of activities will follow.

In conclusion, I want to tell that output of poor loans under the small percent, with the attraction of thirds of the side as guarantor and with a reserve for resetting of money in case of a loan dip, will help the development of small business and development of the sphere of the output of such loans. It, in turn, will create a big turn of money on the platform and will bring huge advantage her investor and to people who will receive money in a loan on it. Attachment in this project is really favourable and we advise you to join the platform right now.




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