Fair Ninja — Review of ICO  

Fair Ninja is a new global decentralized platform that will allow people from different countries to buy and sell to each other various goods and services with the maximum speed and safety thanks to the technology of blockchain.

About the Platform:

The platform team’s goal is to connect different sellers from different countries into one market in order to make e-commerce as simple as possible. Such a platform will provide a lot of advantages for both sellers and buyers, because the former will have the opportunity to get a lot of new customers and make them permanent with the help of the quality of their goods, and buyers will have an almost endless choice of goods and services with various options and prices.
The platform team has 30 years of experience in sales/purchases and 20 years in online commerce. The platform is created with the help of such giants of business as Oglasnik and Gauss Development.

How will it work?


  • This is a global network that will allow you to buy goods and services using cryptocurrency;
  • These are fast and secure transactions that are easy to track;
  • a set of crypto-currencies that are available for payment of purchases of goods and services;
  • The platform will be translated into many languages for the convenience of users around the world;
  • artificial intelligence platform that will optimize the search for goods and services, as well as their sale, as well as the main trading panel;
  • the platform provides many different loyalty programs that will encourage the most active users.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

Platform tokens will be used in platform functionality and for trading on exchanges. A total of 500 million tokens are produced. Soft cap project is $ 5 million, hard cap is equal to $ 22.4 million. In total, 300 million tokens will be available for purchase. At the same time during the pre-sale, the price of one token is 6.4 cents, and while open sales – 8 cents.


About distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 60% will be sold during ICO, 10% will go to the reserve fund of the platform, 10% will be allocated for cooperation with partners, which are already around 150. 15% are allocated to the project team. 3% for advisors and 2% allocated for bounty program

About distribution of the collection means it is possible to tell the following: 67% it is allocated on marketing and PR platforms. 15% for research and development platform. 10% is allocated to salaries for the platform employees. 5% for various agreements and licenses. And 3% of the legal costs and audit.


At the expense of the plan for the development of the platform, we can say the following: in January 2018 the idea of creating this project appeared. In the second quarter of 2018, ICO was opened and the sale of tokens began. In the 3rd quarter, the platform will be developed. Also in this quarter, the first partnership agreement will be concluded and the platform tokens will be listed on various exchanges.

At the end of the third, beginning of the fourth quarter, the value of the product will be presented, which is achieved through intensive marketing. In the fourth quarter, the beginning of the conclusion of direct partnerships with online stores. In the 1st quarter of 2019 – the release of the Fair Ninja platform and the launch of its mobile application. Further, there follow all kinds of expansion of platform activities all over the world.

In conclusion, I can say that this platform will significantly improve the scope of electronic commerce. It will make the latter much simpler, more transparent, allow you to make anonymous payments and all transactions will be instant. In addition, smart contracts will provide you with the best match for what you bought on the site, what you get at home, and this is exactly important for the current e-commerce. For more detailed information, I advise you to read the information documents.





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