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EtherInc is a platform that is designed to easily create decentralized organizations and decentralized applications based on intelligent contracts that will be generated using the platform and will take into account all the necessary moments when creating organizations or applications on a democratic basis.

About the Platform:

The creation of organizations, both commercial and non-commercial now is quite difficult, with obtaining a large number of documents, visiting the bank to open an account of this organization, various legal difficulties, unnecessary intermediary instances and other complicating elements. At the same time, the EtherInc platform is created so that teams from all over the world can create and manage decentralized organizations regardless of their location and without various intermediaries and other instances.

What kind of cases does the platform give us:

  1. Easy creation of decentralized organizations. The project team hopes to make the same push in the sphere of the creation of organizations as bitcoin in the financial world. Instead of any intermediaries, smart contracts and blockchain techniques are used, which you can not argue with.
  2. The opportunity to work without problems to various non-profit organizations. After all, the blockchain shows all the expenses of the organization, and if it does not profit from it, the blockchain and cryptocurrency will make all transactions transparent and prove the integrity of the organization.
  3. Low transaction fees when creating decentralized applications and using platform functionality.
  4. Ability to create voting on the platform using the eInc platform protocol.

Platform tokens:

Tokens will be used to create organizations, pay salaries and post payments on the platform, vote on the platform, create smart contracts and others. A total of 997,528,142 platform tokens will be issued, with the price of one token being 10 cents.


About the distribution of platform tokens, the following can be said: 45.11% allocated to community sales, 15.04% to platform community development, 10.02% to strategic partnerships, 10.02% to platform startups, 10.02% to future development and 9.78% on the holders of the ether.

About the distribution of collected funds, we can say the following: 40% is allocated for the development and growth of the platform, 25% for the team that will be engaged in the project, 20% as a reserve platform, 10% for marketing and 5% for platform advisers.


At the expense of the project development plan, we can say the following: in the third quarter of 2017, the development of a platform concept with all the research began. On February 13, 2018, the platform blockchain was launched + public Ethernet EtherInc nodes and Ethernet connections EtherInc Ropsten were opened. On February 24, the platform wallet was launched and the interface was made. On February 27, the network statuses EtherInc (MAINNET) and EtherInc Network (ROPSTEN) were launched. On March 6, the public mining of platform tokens began. In the second quarter of 2018, there is a sale of tokens and a built community platform. In the 3rd quarter, the platform tokens will be listed. In the 4th quarter, the launch of the marketplace platform + Development of eInc dApp for the Marketplace.

In 2019, the platform will expand its activities in every way, both territorially and legally, to conclude cooperation with governments and work in different countries. In addition, the platform will launch educational programs to work with eInc and create decentralized organizations.

In conclusion, I can say that people have always liked what makes life easier. And this platform will do just that, it will remove a lot of obstacles on the way to creating an organization or application and I’m sure many people will love it. For more detailed acquaintance with the platform, read the information document.




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