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Entry is a new platform that will offer its customers various banking services, such as deposit, payment for something, loans, ATMs, etc., as well as hosting crypto-instruments, and, of course, will use the blockchain mechanism in its work, and also smart contracts.

The goal of the platform is to link as much as possible the fiat and cryptocurrency for simple interaction with all users of the platform.

Objectives of the Platform:

  • make the crypto world accessible for everyone and make transactions with crypto-currency as simple as possible;
  • to create an opportunity for payment by cryptocurrency for something around the world;
  • make the banking system as transparent as possible;
  • create a new era of interaction between the crypto and the fiat world.
  • Also, the platform wants to influence the fact that the crypto world began to leave speculative moments and, moreover, prevent speculation with its coin. And, like a bank, it will offer you one of the minimum fees for transactions.

Entry Functionality:

  • the platform will create its mobile application and a debit card, so you can make payments in crypto and fiamy Falyut without any problems;
  • centralized and decentralized (P2P) exchange of crypto-currency;
  • the ability to receive money through ATM platform, as well as make payments in ordinary stores using a debit card;
  • high-grade bank;
  • a network with its purse, blockchain, smart contracts, tokens and open source;
  • Its own token ecosystem for the use of all platform services.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

A total of 590 million tokens are generated, while 325 million will be sold. As mentioned above, tokens will be used to access platform functionality. The ICO begins on 1 June. At that, the price of the token for the time of sales will grow from 15 to 44 euro cents. The ICO will end on August 31.


On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 55% is allocated for sales during the ICO, 20% is allocated to the team, 17% to the system and software, 5% to the advisers and 3% to the bounty.

About of the distribution of collected funds, the following can be said: 40% is allocated for research and development, 22% for legal costs and agreements (licenses), 20% for platform marketing, 10% for operating expenses in the first months, 5% for team development and Scientific research. And 3% on the bounty program for hackers, to pay for bugs search system.


In 2015, they began developing the platform and obtained a license from the banking institution. In 2017, agreements were signed with the central bank to receive SWIFT payments and IBAN numbers, as well as to connect to the EU SEPA system. Also in 2017, all functionality of the platform as a bank was developed and integrated with the central bank was started. An initial version of the crypto-exchange was created and the beta version will be presented at the ICO time. Also this year, agreements were concluded with Visa, MasterCard.

In Q3-Q3 2018, the sale of platform tokens is conducted, the exchange is scheduled to be launched and the possibility of creating bank accounts for personal use is planned. In the 4th quarter of the receipt of an electronic money license or a license from the European Bank. Start work all over the world.

In 2019, the platform will create its own mobile application, a business account to work around the world, a full-fledged exchange, its own blockchain system and will give an opportunity to lend to P2P.

In 2020, the platform will launch its ATMs and enter into partnerships with many agents to support deposits and exchange services.

In 2021 the platform will work in full force, throughout the world.

In conclusion, I want to say that creating a platform for connecting crypto and the world of fiats is really the right decision for people. In addition, the platform will have a really useful functionality. For more detailed acquaintance with the platform, I advise you to read the information documents.





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