Elementh — Review of ICO

Elementh is a platform that is created for electronic commerce through the use of blockchain and smart contracts, as well as the creation of the Turing-complete platform’s own language, for the optimal display of products on the site.

It has long been no secret that the world is increasingly embracing the use of cryptocurrency and the mechanism of the blockchain. Given their convenience, the company decided to create an alternative contract, to create decentralized applications that are used in Internet trading. With the help of the platform, it will be possible to easily create a standard nomenclature of goods, for the sale of which you will be able to use the “smart” contracts that you created.

How it Works:

The platform will use its own tokens to buy and sell goods. In addition, the site will have a system of services, through which you can track the delivery of your goods to the buyer, track the original goods and remove from the system a fake. Also, by releasing your products in the Elementh system you will be able to specify all the detailed information and if identical goods will be present before your release, you will receive a message about it and a request for the number of goods that you are going to “release”.

In this case, it is desirable to indicate the serial number of your goods, in order to avoid the sale of a fake on the site. If the product is not assigned a serial number, then the site will do it automatically, with the addition of QR code.

The Elementh project will embody all the best achievements of recent years, which has a blockchain mechanism, to solve problems related to Internet commerce.

Elementh platform tokens:

The platform will have its own EEE tokens, which will be used for all operations within the platform, for example – paying taxes for transactions. A total of 303 million tokens are generated. Pre-sales lasted from 1 to 14 February 2018. At that, the price of the token was equal to 1 ten thousandth ether. The main sales will last the whole April and the price of tokens will double. The soft cap of the project is equal to 10 thousand Ether, hard cap – 30 thousand Ether. There will also be a bonus program. When you buy the first day of the main sales – the bonus will be 30 percent, in the second day – 15 percent.

On account of the distribution of tokens: 217.5 million will be available for purchases, 45 million will be allocated for the team and 40.5 million will be allocated to partners and project advisers.


On account of the main advantages of the platform:

  • it will provide a decentralized market with blockchain technology;
  • you can track the movement of goods;
  • you can search for goods using geolocation, so you will significantly shorten the time for delivery of the goods;
  • You will be able to contact any participant in transactions using messages on the platform;
  • as a manufacturer or seller you can create your own online store;
  • as a buyer you can verify the authenticity of the goods;
  • on the platform will be present various banking services;
  • on the platform, you can offer any goods, even movie tickets or hotel tickets and tie them to the mechanism of the blockchain.


It all started with the birth of the MIIIX platform in 2012; in the same year, the company received investors from various venture partners and business investors. In 2014, the site had products from 1000 categories. In 2016 – 30 thousand product categories and more than 1,000 customer stores. In 2017, the idea of using the blockchain mechanism in the work of the platform. In the first third of 2018, tokens will be sold to customers on the whitelist, in pre-sales and the main sale of tokens. In the middle of 2018 – the alpha version of the project. At the end of 2018 – will be connected Elementh blockchain, and at the end of the first quarter of 2019 – will launch the first decentralized application.

In conclusion, I want to say that the idea of connecting Internet trading with crypto and all adjacent (blockchain, smart contracts) is a very promising project. I am sure that it will quickly gain momentum and many sellers and buyers will use the platform for selling and buying goods, respectively. Therefore, friends, invest in the project, wait for the platform to exit and take advantage of all its advantages.




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