Egretia — Review of ICO  

Egretia is the world’s first engine and platform for HTML5 + using the blockchain mechanism to create a global gaming environment for mobile entertainment.

About the Platform:

Egretia is a project that is being conducted in partnership with Egret Technology, a company with a huge audience (more than 40 million active users per month) and a lot of developments in the sphere of mobile games and their marketing. The goal of the project is to attract 200,000 developers and more than 1 billion users to the world of mobile applications created on their platform.

The environment of mobile applications is quite popular now. Many people use HTML5 technology on mobile devices daily, because they use different social networks and often play “Click to play” games. Almost half of the mobile game users spend their time in games on HTML5. And these games are not only popular but also quite profitable because 68% of the profit does not bring advertising inside games, namely, internal-game purchases. For an example of using mobile applications on HTML5, you can bring Facebook, which launched a lot of games in the messenger on HTML5 and has more than a billion active users of these games. BUT, despite the many advantages and customers of this field, it has a number of shortcomings or weaknesses, namely:

  • There are a lot of games, but they are not ordered, there is no single platform with which you can make payments related to games;
  • due to the lack of one platform, there is no possibility of saving all virtual user assets, which also creates a lot of inconveniences;
  • lack of close communications between developers and, as a consequence, lack of protection of intellectual property rights;
  • Given the above problem, you can add to it the lack of motivation for development teams, as their content can be stolen, and months of labor can go wrong;
    lack of diversification in the monetization of Internet traffic.
  • What solutions, in this case, can provide technology for blockchain:
  • security, transparency, and decentralization, with copyright protection and the belief that your content will be assigned to you;
  • the ability to easily create and use smart contracts, which will also ensure the security of all transactions in the system;
  • a system of tokens, easy and fast payments with low commissions and anonymity, and much more.

The platform will create a unique passport with digital encryption for each new user so that users will have secure access to their digital wallets. The platform is created with a user-friendly interface and user feedback, as the founders of this project already have four years of experience in this environment, which will favorably influence the development of this project.

Tokens Platforms and their use:

Since April 30, there is a registration for the purchase of tokens. At the same time, up to the main sales, it is planned to assemble 25 thousand Ether The minimum payment for the pre-sale time is 100, the maximum is 1000. For 1 ether, you can purchase 84 thousand platform tokens.

Public sales will last from 26 to 30 May. During this time it is planned to collect 10 thousand Ethers, 6 million CMT and 1 million ABT. For 1 ether you can buy 70 thousand tokens. The minimum investment is equal to 0.1 ether, the maximum = 3 aether.
In total, the company generates 8 billion tokens.


On account of their distribution, we can say the following: 39% are allocated for sales during the ICO, 27% are allocated to the platform reserve, 20% to the team, advisors, and founders. And 14% is allocated for marketing and business partners.

On account of the distribution of collected funds, we can say the following: 55% is allocated for research and development of the platform, 30% for marketing and business development, 10% for operating expenses on the platform, and 5% for legal costs.


On account of the development of the platform and the plan for achieving the goals, we can say the following: in the second quarter of 2018, testing of the blockchain mechanism and smart contracts of the platform will take place, and implement test tools for developers. In the third quarter, the first games of the platform on Egretia’s blockchain will be launched. In the fourth quarter, the release of the alpha version of the Egretia SDK blockchain.

In the 1st quarter of 2019, a digital wallet for users will be released. In the second quarter, the whole platform will be released on the native blockchain of Egretia. In the third quarter of 2019, Egretia’s trading platform for digital goods trading will be released, and in the fourth quarter, the same advertising platform will be released. In the first quarter of 2020 will connect support for various blockchain mechanisms, and in the second quarter will launch a stable blockchain platform Egretia V1.0

In conclusion, I can say that this platform is a very interesting project, and, one can say for sure, a profitable project. The world of mobile applications attracts more and more users and becomes part of everyday life for so many users of the Internet and mobile devices. So, friends, we are investing and waiting for the launch of the platform. For more detailed acquaintance with the platform, I advise you to familiarize yourself with its information documents.




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