Dragon – Review of ICO

Dragon Coin is the platform designed to combine the cryptocurrency world and the world of casino and gamblings. Why there was this need?

Macau is considered the centre of game casinos. Daily there rich men from around the world are refluxed to exchange one million – the second in the casino and to whom will carry, and benefit the similar amount. In day through the game world of casino, there can pass several tens of millions of dollars, but transport such amounts, or cash in the casino, or translate through the bank is very difficult to process which includes many risks and, besides, always collects the high commission, at least 5% of your amount.


The Dragon Coin company proposes the solution of these problems by tokenization of the world of casino. In fact, the platform will be peculiar “casino bank” through which it will be possible to make all operations which are connected to a game.

You will be able to enter and remove the large amounts of money through cryptocurrency, the percent for these operations will be minimum and 1% of total amount is equal that it is already much less than in a present situation. For example – from one million dollars for transactions (at first to enter, then to remove) you will save at least 80 thousand dollars. Besides, nobody will be able to select or steal these tokens from you, and the process of their transportation and storage will be completely safe.

Besides, also the fact that they will be able just to store the money on the platform will be convenient for frequenters of the casino, generally without bringing them and not to fly with them to and fro. Besides, nobody learns about what scoring amounts at you, or what amounts you import/take out from the country. Certainly, the platform stands attention.

Tokens of the Dragon Coin company:

In total, 500 million tokens of DRG are generated. Pre-sales lasted from December 8 to December 31, and the main токенсэйл lasted all February and will last in March. In open sales, 72% of tokens or 360 million are carried out. 10% of tokens or 50 million are selected for a reserve. On founders, another 10%, and are selected for “treasury” of the project – 7%. Another 1 percent is selected for advisers. At the same time, it is necessary to pay 3.33 air for 1000 tokens.

For the project is planned to collect 420 million US dollars for a possibility of operation of the platform with large volumes of money and with VIP-clients of the casino. Into the account of the distribution of the raised money it is possible to tell the following:

  • 350 million dollars will go as a deposit of the platform;
  • 15 million working capital for momentary payments;
  • 15 million — on the new draft of the Dragon Pearl platform;
  • 14 million – to 500 ATMs of the platform;
  • 14 million – in each of ATMs (on 28000 dollars in everyone);
  • 10 million – on marketing and promotion of the platform;
  • 2 million – on exchange offices of support.


Into the account of the roadmap of the project it is possible to tell the following: in December 2016 there was an idea of the creation of such platform and its development began. In June 2017 the first strategic partners were found. In August 2017 the concept was provided to society to consider all wishes and miscalculations and to develop the platform with higher quality.

November 2017 private sales for which more than 20 million dollars were collected began. In December 2017 pre-sales were carried out and in January the original version of the platform is launched. In February – the main stage of the sale of tokens and in the second quarter 2018 first tests of a blockchain of the platform in operation with different casinos and the complete start of the platform.

In conclusion, there is a wish to note that the project really has huge perspectives of development as it considerably will simplify the sphere of use of money in games in the casino. Thanks to the platform problems of transportation, storage, cashing in of money for large players will disappear and they will precisely come on the platform. Considering turns of the casino, the platform will quickly gain steam and will be very profitable therefore we suggest to join it right now.




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