Digital Ticks — Review of ICO

Digital Ticks is a platform created by traders for traders. In other words – this is the most convenient exchange, which takes into account all the wishes of both beginners and experienced traders.

About the Platform:

The platform will serve all types of cryptocurrency, as well as goods for which you can calculate crypto-currencies. Also on the platform will be a very wide functionality, so that it would be useful to a crypto enthusiast of any level. Moreover, the first months of the platform on it will be zero fees, that is, you will be able to make transactions for free. This is done to show people all the advantages of Digital Ticks, such a demo version will be a useful step in the development and marketing of the platform.

Given all the precedents for attacks on various exchanges and platforms, Digital Ticks takes extra precautions to avoid attacks 51%, DDoS attacks, phishing attempts and other hacker attacks.

Digital Ticks Exchange is created in such a way as to handle up to 1 million transactions per second. Also on the platform will be the function of sharing experiences. On the platform, as you might guess, the mechanism of blockchain will be used. The development team is confident that it needs to be used, as it has the following qualities that will be inherent in the platform:

  • decentralization;
  • high speed of operations;
  • fulfillment of P2P transactions;
  • high security;
  • saving your money due to low transaction taxes and others;

Platform Architecture:

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

A total of 128 million tokens are issued without the possibility of a release. Tokens will be used for all functions available on the platform. The pre-sale period is already over, and the period of the main sales will last until 15.06.2018. The price of tokens will grow from 37.5 cents to 70 cents. The minimum required to run the platform is 5.7 million dollars, the maximum that is needed to quickly launch a platform with full functionality – $ 30 million. All unsold tokens will be destroyed.


On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 50% will be sold during the ICO, 20% allocated to the platform team, 10% as a reserve, another 10% to the referral program, 8% to advisers and 2% to the bounty campaign.

On account of the distribution of collected funds, the following can be said: 40 percent is allocated for platform marketing, 30 percent is allocated for the development and development of the platform itself, 15 percent for the reserve, 5 percent for operating activities, 5 percent for audit and platform security, and 5 percent for legal costs.


In December 2017, the idea of creating such a platform was born. In January 2018, the prototype of the platform interface for investors was developed. Since January 20, preparations for the sale of tokens began. In the middle of December, Whitepaper platform was available to early investors.

In April 2018, the information document and website were open to the general public. 03/25/2018 Pre-sales of tokens began. From 15.04 – the main sales. In the middle of June – the end of the sale of tokens. Also in June, platform tokens will be listed on different exchanges. In August, the launch of the platform is expected. In mid-August, a mobile platform application will be released. 15.09.2018 additional altcoins will be included in the listing of the platform.

At the end of March 2019, there will be an annual report on the activities of the platform. In the middle of May 2019, more than 1,000 different crypto-currencies are expected in the listing of the stock exchange. Further development and growth of the platform for getting into the TOP-10 of the world’s best crypto-systems are planned.

In conclusion, I want to say that the popularity of crypto-currency is growing, so the popularity of crypto-exchange exchanges, especially the most reliable crypto-exchange exchanges, will grow. Taking into account the zero cost of transactions in the initial time, one can foresee a rapid market capture by the platform and its subsequent development. For more detailed information about the platform, you can read the information documents.





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