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Developeo is the coolest platform for training ordinary people and even professionals in areas that are directly related to the latest technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented or Virtual Reality, Smart Clothing, Smart Home, Internet Things, Machine Learning, Cyber Security and others in the same spirit.

After all, the world turns into a new generation, but the system of learning how to live and develop in this world is forgotten. But here the new Developeo platform appeared, which will be a kind of Institute of the new generation, which is a relatively short time will teach the latest technologies using knowledge, and even the professionals of this environment.

About the Platform:

A small fact about the trust in the company. A total of 100 general directors from top 500 companies were interviewed and 97% of those polled said they would have given preference in hiring a person who completed the Developeo course, rather than any other university.
What departments will the platform have and how can they be described:

  • DEVX Bootcamps, training in which will cost from 11,4 to 13 thousand dollars. It is online or in-patient training for 14-16 weeks with professionals in selected fields for young students or professionals from other fields who have decided to change their profession.
  • Testing knowledge on the platform or at the university platform will last 5-10 days with the passage of tests and different tasks and an analysis of how ready the verified for future technologies.
  • Leadership Department, which will mainly conduct private training for leaders of companies and government;
  • The platform university was supported by various governments and companies of the Silicon Valley in the development of such a futuristic regime and practical application;
  • DEVX Athena – the best professors and leaders who will be able to share their knowledge in selected industries;
  • DEVX Demeter – assistance in the development of any projects or start-ups, including those that began to develop learning in Developeo;
  • DEVX Hermes – help in the development of education around the world by opening its own news schools;
  • DEVX Atlas – help open source companies to implement innovations.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

A total of 600 million tokens are produced, which will be used for training on the platform and participation in its training. At the same time, 480 million or 80% is allocated for sales during various stages of sales. The remaining 120 million tokens (we take for 100%) will be divided as follows: 20.8% allocated to the team and founders, 50% to the pool of rewards, 16.6% to the bounty program, 13.6% to the platform reserve.


At the expense of the plan for the development of the platform, we can say the following: in the 1st quarter of 2018 a community and a project team were created, sponsors were found and a demonstration of the project at the conferences began. In the second quarter will be the alpha version of the platform, the beginning of marketing, the sale of tokens, as well as the first conclusions of partnerships with both governments and “trainers” of the platform. In Q3 2018 – PreICO, ICO, the launch of the first departments of the DEVX HERMES platform and ACADEMICS + work after feedback (feedback). In the 4th quarter, continued development of the platform, the addition of new sections, seminars and so on.

In Q1 2019, the platform will launch all programs and business models, continue marketing the platform + opening new offices in various major cities around the world, as well as holding hackathons. In the second quarter will be the subsequent expansion of the platform’s influence around the world and the creation of new business models. In 2020, the University of DEVX will be established, and in 2021 the development of the second DEVX University will begin.

In conclusion, I want to say that the idea of the project is really incredibly cool. Training for all new technologies is necessary for very many people who have money, but there is no knowledge and competent teachers to enter the realms of AI, the blockchain, virtual reality, and others. I’m sure that the platform will have a lot of students-enthusiasts who have long wanted to be introduced into new technologies. For a more in-depth acquaintance with the platform, you can read the information document. Good luck!




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