Datareum— Review of ICO

Datareum is an information platform that will collect various data from its users through online surveys, for which everyone will be rewarded.

About the Platform

Everyone knows that the data market about what is interesting to users is quite important for marketers of different companies. Knowing what people are interested in, they know which product to offer them. But these data are not always accurate and moreover, they are collected without our knowledge. Such global giants as Google or Facebook earn billions by collecting relevant data and selling these data to interested individuals.

Besides the interest of marketers, there are also necessary scientific data that it would be nice to get directly from people in anonymous surveys without using any intermediaries. Most people agree that they can share almost any of their data with complete anonymity. The platform has its own capabilities for all parties involved in this field.
Owners of information will be able to manage their own data and get profit from it, they will also be able to pass questionnaires and receive a reward for it. And one more advantage is that they will be able to share only the information they want.

For those interested in these data, companies or people will have their advantages: easy creation of their polls, reducing costs by eliminating intermediaries, attracting only interested persons. Plus, the platform will use the blockchain mechanism in that everyone will know about the passage of polls by different, really interested people. And also you will be able to resell the data obtained in your surveys.


Tokens and their Sale:

The sale of tokens will begin on April 28, 2018. Platform tokens will be used to use platform functionality. In total, 1 billion tokens are generated. For sale, 600 million tokens will be available. The price of one token is 3 cents. You can buy them over the air. During the pre-sale of all will be sold 80 million tokens, given bonuses (20 percent). The minimum investment for the entrance is 10 Ethers. Hardkap pre-sale is $ 2 million. Hard cap of the project is 18 million dollars. During the main sales, 520 million tokens will be sold without any bonuses.


On the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 60% are allocated for sales, 20% is allocated to platform founders and advisors, 15% to early partners and community development and 5% to the bounty.
At the expense of using the collected funds: 40 percent will go for the development of the product itself, 25% for research and operating expenses, 20% for marketing, 10% for reserve and 5% for legal costs.


In November 2017, the platform concept was developed and in March 2018 an alpha version of the survey system was released. In April, the sale of tokens begins, which ends in June. In July 2018, the tokens will be distributed after the “know your customer” procedure. And in August 2018 the tokens will be listed on the stock exchanges.
In the 4th quarter, its platform wallet will be released and the opportunity to exchange data via a smart contract. In 1-2 2019 quarters, a site will be launched to buy and sell information on a PC and an application for mobile devices will be created.

In the 3-4 quarter, the subsequent development of the platform and launch of the trading platform with information. In 2020, there will be access to a trading platform with goods from people who make a request for information. Also in Q3-Q2 2020, a large-scale marketing campaign will be launched in Europe, the US and Asia.

In conclusion, with confidence, I can say that this resource will be popular and like many users of the network. The platform will provide access to obtaining real information for various companies in the field that interests them. Also, it will provide an opportunity to monetize their information for all users and really “own” their data. Thus, we are waiting for the launch of the project and watching the news about it, that would try it on our own.




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